Ho hum

We have been puttering away in the woods on a few tiny trimming projects, but nothing too exciting. We are halfway through with 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels.  I find myself tired of it, wishing it was more visually progressing, and longing to take a long walk outside instead.  Despite the rain, I may actually do that later since our temperatures are oddly high these last few days. 

Silas and I went north on Friday to spend the night with my family and go shopping on Saturday, but we drove up on icy, crappy roads and ended up spending four and a half hours in the car Friday instead of just over 2 hours.  Miserable.  Silas is a champ in the car, but even he was devastated.  Yuck.  Saturday, we skipped shopping and took advantage of his great morning nap to drive home.  Get a load of how huge this guy is in his carseat.


Remember this?


He is growing unbelievably quickly.  It’s freaking me out. 

Shortly after we got home from Alex, Sara, Derek and Dylan came to visit.  It was fun, barring a whiny cat and and even whinier baby.  Poor Silas was overstimulated and a general disaster for the first time ever.  Not fun for anyone involved.  But it was still nice to see them and we were glad they made the long drive over!


The weeks are passing quickly.  He is ten weeks old, cooing like a maniac, making hilarious noises when I sing to him, and swinging his arms at everything he can find.  He is especially fond of this purple toucan with the rainbow beak, and why shouldn’t he be?  It is quite a fetching bird. 


The house projects aren’t worth posting yet, but once we make a little more progress, we will have an update for you.  We did get the giant dining table out and the pedestal table in, which frees up SO much space in our small house.  We are enjoying that this week.  Pictures to come! 


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