Big week in the woods

It’s a big week for us.  You know why?  Because we’re going to do 30 Day Shred and it starts tomorrow.  The fun part of 30 Day Shred (if there can be a fun part) is that a ton of people are doing it with me–cousins Abbi and Maggi and Maria, siblings Logan and Kait and Vanessa, my husband, my aunts Leanne and Jenny, and my friend Jess.

It’s also a big week because it’s the last one in Si’s first month of life.  Crazy shiz. Our week included our first errand outing since Silas was born.  We went to the library and Kroger.  Yee haw!  He slept the entire time.


Tim spent yesterday finishing out the bathroom with some paint and trim and caulking action.  Way to go, Timmy.  Cheers to motivation for home improvement, which isn’t always easy to find around here.

While he did that, Silas and I practiced sticking our tongues out and cooing.  It was pretty great.  He is so studious.  He must have gotten that from Tim.  His hair is for sure coming in and he not only has a darling widow’s peak, but also a wicked cowlick, as you can see below.  That will make for some interesting childhood haircuts, I bet.


Si is going to keep us in line with this whole workout commitment.  When we feel like skipping a day, we’re going to refer back to this picture where he looks something akin to Uncle Sam with his accusatory pointer finger.  Or he could be cheering us on, telling us that we’re #1.  Or maybe he’s just a little behind the times and meant to learn this in time for the ND game.  Oh well.


Out here in the woods, we are spending January trying to decide what our goals for the next year will be.  It has been more difficult this year to identify what we want as well as how long it may take to get there.  I attribute that to new parenthood and the transition it brings.  We have some big ideas and have made no commitments yet, but I think the real goal for us this year is to be open to life and suspend expectations.

Secondly, we are going to aim to enjoy each others’ company.  Last year was spent with a gutted house, failed and successful renovations that were above our skill level, a pukey and hormonal wife, and adjustment to life with a newborn.  It turns out we didn’t spend much time enjoying each other or the moments we were experiencing together.  Time to reclaim some of that, even with an infant in the mix.  Any book recommends or tactical approaches for this, veteran married friends?

Finally, this is what our woods looked like the morning after our snow melted.  It is so beautiful out here.


Reports on 30 Day Shred to come.  Wish us luck!


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