7 Weeks

I can’t believe this guy.  We accomplished a lot in the last week.

  • We tackled full time cloth diapering!  Just in time since we have 2 disposables left from all the hand me down diapers from cousins.  Couldn’t have timed that better.
  • Silas officially doubled his birth weight (and then some) and was dubbed “little hoss on the prairie” by yours truly.  I was pretty proud of that one.  Over 10 pounds!
  • He decided to go on a pretty consistent wake-eat-sleep schedule, which makes for one happy Mama.  He also is napping in his crib like a champ.  Liberation at last!
  • I got the go ahead to work out and found Postnatal Pilates easy.  Upgraded to one of my old favorite Pilates workouts.  OUCH.  Regressed back to Postnatal.
  • Outgrew 0-3 month clothing after a week, mostly thanks to the bulky cloth diaper booty he’s got working, but also because of his little buddha belly.  Good thing he wore all the cute stuff at least one time!



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