2012, you were one crazy beast.

Seeing everyone’s blogs about 2012 in review, I started thinking about what a whirlwind this year has been for us.  Since I tend to overshare, you already know what happened in the last year, but I’m going to tell you again anyway.

We went on our unbeknownst babymoon to Jamaica, courtesy of my nanny family.  It was truly relaxing, which is hard for me to attain.  While we were there, we found out the bank accepted the offer on the 5 bedroom farm house of Meg’s dreams.  Came home and found out the bank decided they wanted a different loan type.  Got tired of the foreclosure bull crap and reinvested our energy in house hunting.  Saw the house in the woods for the first time.  Meg cried.  Tim glowed with excitement.  We made an offer.


Our offer was accepted and we moved in February 25th with the astounding innocence and ambition of all first time home buyers.  Proceeded to rip out all the walls in 1000 square feet, creating an inescapable disaster.  Decided to stop trying to get pregnant after several months of trying in order to spend a year fixing up the house.  Started blogging to try to reserve some sanity in the home renovation process!


Found out we were pregnant.  Smiled and panicked at the same time. Oliver turned 3!  Gutted the kitchen, cut out the floor in parts, pulled out some really wicked insulation.  Realized this house had a lot of personality…as in Dave Chaney (the man who built it) took a little more creative license in repairs than he should have.  Promptly turned the poor man’s name into a verb, and not a becoming one.


Gagged.  A lot.  Began extensive drywalling as rookies. Installed kitchen cabinets and laid the flooring ourselves!


Gave the yard a makeover…and then the deer ate every last bit of it.  Oh well.  Drywall finishing, sanding, and painting time.  Kait and Oliver came down for Memorial Day.  Sara, Derek, and the boys came over for their first visit to the woods.  Went to Alexandria for Mother’s Day, which was lovely!  Painted the cabinets and installed the counter top.  Suddenly it felt liveable in here.  Happy Birthday to all the Mays!

Painted the Nursery, but it was still full of lots of home repair crap! Finished out the entryway and painted the first round of baseboard and trim.  Spent Tim’s first Father’s Day poolside in Alexandria.  Adopted Mama and Francie kitties and they caught five mice in five days.  GROSS.  Not a single mouse since then!  Not even in the winter.  Success.  Worked on simplifying life before baby, and I really thought my belly stuck out.  I was wrong.

It’s a boy!  Spent a few weeks adjusting since every family member had convinced me it was a girl.  Celebrated the fact that Oliver handed down his entire wardrobe, collection of toys, and all of the best baby essentials.  Lucky, since we had poured all of our money into the house at that point.

OK, my belly really did stick out in August.  Discovered Downton Abbey.  Took lots of trips to the lake.  Still felt really sick and wondered why people had more than one child.  Painted the crib and hung art on the living room walls at long last.  Log and Ness eloped to Alaska!  Happy Birthday to Mom, KP, Kathryn, Henry, and me! Exciting month.

Baby shower!  So lovely. It was absolutely perfect. I finally felt good by the end of September.  Celebrated Log and Nessi’s wedding…until Ness broke her ankle at the reception.  Party foul.  People came from far and wide to celebrate the impending arrival of our Boo Boo!  Sweet families.


Happy Birthday to Tim and Roger!  Discovered the TV series, Castle.  Felt reeeeally pregnant.  Committed to nursery art and started working on the details of Baby GB’s space finally.  Took last minute pregnancy pictures before it was too late.


Baby shower in Onarga on the 10th.  It was beautiful and such a nice, intimate gathering of family and friends.  On the 20th, I was in labor!  Good thing we had that shower when we did.  Welcome to the world, Silas Peter Thoreau!  Our parents all stayed for Thanksgiving and cooked for us.  It was wonderful!


Did we even have a December?  My brain wasn’t working.  I felt like a sleep deprived, not pretty, puke covered milk factory.  Kait and O came to visit, and we got the money shot.  By Christmas, I got it together a little bit and it was lovely to make the rounds and introduce Boo to the extended families.  We headed into the new year with our neighbors playing folk songs on their instruments and a sense of tempered wonder about what the next year will hold.  We are happy to greet 2013 and all the new experiences it brings!



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