Odds and Ends

We have been realizing the house needs a few ton of finishing touches, but not really feeling motivated to do them yet.  As it happens, we got a little glimmer of motivation yesterday to do the trim pieces in the A-frame.  It doesn’t seem like much, but it looked hideous and gaping before, so even though it still needs to be caulked and touched up, the trim is up and looking so much better.


After this, I got a little energetic and started painting the bathroom what I thought was a super milky, pretty, robin eggy blue.  It turns out the lighting in there is hinky and it looks more green than I anticipated.  It isn’t a total flop–the color is fine, just not what I intended.  It looks pretty with the white and goes well with the original artwork we liked in there. 


Today, we intended to take Silas to UU service and we did!  Doesn’t he look handsome?


We also intended to finish the bathroom painting and do some more trimming work around the bath ceiling, but instead we had friends over to watch the Colts game.  It was a nice relaxing end to the Sunday, even if we didn’t get much done.  Here’s hoping for some good naps this week so I can surprise Tim with finished projects!

Who’s stoked about the Notre Dame game?  These fellas.  Know of any ND fans in Bloom who want to come over?  It will be a measly 2.5 person party tomorrow night, but we’re still stoked.

I wish I had an outfit like this.



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