The Nursery

So, my dear friend and cousin’s cousin, Misha, has been asking me for pictures of the nursery.  In my head, I thought I had already blogged them.  Bless her heart, she was really subtle about reminding me that I never did get around to putting them on here for all to see.  I posted the mobile and some in progress art work, but never the full nursery. It’s time!

We wanted something simple and functional without screaming baby or bears or ducks or anything else, and this is what we ended up with.  We think it’s a sweet collection of “us” things, including a few transcendentalist quotes (both Thoreau and Emerson) and the Chicago skyline, as well as a few encouragements for kindness and optimism.  We had under $200 in the entire room, thanks to lots of hand me downs from Oliver and the crib from my Mom.  Pretty great!  Our budget was about -$5 since we found out we were pregnant after gutting our entire living space.  Oops!  Here it is:


The big framed artwork pieces were courtesy of Misha and Aaron, the smaller ones I printed and framed.  The changing table was second hand and weighs a ton, so it’s staying right where it is for now.  Our crib was free from craigslist via my Mom, the mobile was a DIY project at the end of my pregnancy, and the baskets beneath the DIY book ledges are from Target.  Oddly, those baskets are the most expensive thing in our entire nursery, but I LOVE them and they are so worth it.  The fabric on the window is called Remix Bermuda Stripe, and they also have a coordinating chevron for all of you chevron fans.

We didn’t really get to put finishing touches on the nursery or have time to over think it since I went into labor early.  Now we are trying to balance being totally enamored with Silas and being exhausted from middle of the night bellyaches to care about the details, but all in all, we love the way it turned out. 


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