One Month

Can you believe this guy is a month old (and has been for a few weeks) already?  Thanks to Christine and cousins for the monthly decals!


In other news, Aunt Trish came to visit!  Such a great time!


Our neighbors came over for New Years, as I mentioned previously, and Elizabeth is an astounding cook.  For example, for our casual, last minute, hey do you wanna come over NYE time, she brought their instruments (they play guitar, banjo and fiddle) as well as bruschetta and a wicked cheeseball.  This is her typical, over the top approach to all things food and boy do we love her for it.  Bruschetta with herbed goat cheese and lox, and also with sundried tomato pesto, arugula pesto, and buffala mozzarella.  Her cheeseball had fresh parsley, Stilton cheese, horseradish, and who knows what else in it.  She also made this gorgeous pear cake for Karma’s birthday.  So delicious!


The toddler I formerly nannied came to meet the baby this week since she braved my entire pregnancy with me.  She loved baby Silas!  They came bearing lots of soup gifts for the freezer, which thrilled us.


This week, we are working on making a few goals for the coming year as well as reinvesting our energy in home projects to get this place finished out.  We have a hard time doing anything productive because we tend to sit and talk to Si in our spare time.  He is rolling over and cooing (see below) and smiling all over the place and it is SO CUTE.  We love him to the moon.



One thought on “One Month

  1. Sitting and talking to Si IS productive!!! That’s all you should worry about getting done right now–just enjoy that babe, the rest will still be there when he’s not so little anymore 🙂

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