Our Christmas in Photos

What a first Christmas for our little Boo! 

We planned on coming home the 26th, but we got a little blizzard and didn’t get home until last night, four days later than originally planned.  I have to say it went better than anyone expected with Si going 6 hour stretches at night and being his usual happy boy self barring a few bellyaches.  I will keep the words short since I have SO many pictures today.  (Pssst–It seems I carried my camera around in Illinois and never actually got it out. Anyone have pictures they could send me?  Mary Kay?)

This is what our holiday looked like:

He met his great grandparents, GG and Greg, and cousins KP and Jack!





Santa came!  Kait and O are standing exactly the same weird way.ImageImage

He was jealous of Oliver’s “destruction” site, obviously.
Typical Christmas morning at the Garner house:

Our little man was a hit!  He got all kinds of presents, including some awesome books to please his English teacher mama, toys we adore, and some rockin’ new digs.


Our family members are so great at picking out things that really feel like us.  We didn’t get a single thing we didn’t love.  A few great shower gifts came in from cousin Christine and my Aunt Becky.  He also got a few contributions to his new 529 fund, which is awesome!  Do you think this kid has enough hats like Daddy’s??


We got home and unloaded the car (read: Tim unloaded the car while Silas got hungry, soon to be followed by bellyachey) and then the house looked like this:


As if we don’t have enough mess, I have been getting out the 0-3 months clothes since Silas outgrew an entire size of clothing in the 9 days we were away from home.  The boy is growing like a weed! I am resisting the urge to play dress up all day today.  We are finally moving into some darling clothes instead of just sleepers and gowns. 

We have been steadily putting things away and will finish up today in time to have the neighbors over to ring in the new year.  The lot of us go to bed at about nine, so it should be entertaining to see who lasts longest.  Tomorrow, Aunt Trish will finally get to visit! 

How are you ringing in 2013?  We’re going to be proud to make it to ten o’clock.  Memories!


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