So This Is Christmas

We left Friday afternoon for Illinois to spend 3 days with Tim’s immediate and extended families.  It was Silas’ first trip anywhere but the doctor’s office, so that was pretty exciting.  He does a super job in the car, sleeping unless he is hungry. 

While Tim went home to work on Monday, Si and I came to the Garner abode to get settled in before the Christmas Eve Open House my parents have every year.  Tim came straight from work to the party, which was hectic and a loooong drive, but I think he is glad he did.  We saw so many people at the Open House!  It was so nice, even though we kept Si close to the vest to keep germs at bay.  We already know of a few people with stomach bugs and influenza and colds that showed up after we spent time with them, so I am resisting the urge to panic and hoping the breast milk shield is ironclad.

We had such a beautiful Christmas morning, complete with every member of our immediate family.  Santa brought Oliver an entire construction site (pictures to come) and it was so sweet to be here to see that little bit of magic in his eyes as he discovered it.  

Here’s to a wonderful holiday, complete with an impending blizzard tonight that has us all atwitter with excitement!  Love to you all. 


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