Happy visits

Just kidding.  We don’t have anything figured out, and I mistakenly thought we did in our last (overly optimistic) post.  The last week was sort of a narcoleptic hell on all our parts.  Silas has never been happier to see the middle of the night, bright eyed, and asking him to wake up to nurse during the day is tantamount to asking me to run a half marathon (kudos to Kendra Dee for actually doing it) which will never, ever happen.  No amount of flab will ever induce a running habit in this gal.

I’d like to think we are actually figuring this baby out, but jeepers it was a long few nights/days.  Last night we actually had four hours between feedings for the first time in 72 hours.  Good timing, because I was on the brink of insanity from a lack of more than 1.5 hours of consecutive sleep.  He rolled over a few times and has the strength of ten grinches.  My Mom said “he sure is wiry, like Barney Fife.”  If you didn’t get that, you’re culturally deprived and you should watch more TVLand.

Anyway, here we are.  The first half of the week passed by in a sleep deprived haze, but it looked a little like this:


The last half of the week was lovely.  We had a few happy visits with Kait and Oliver, and then with Tim’s parents this weekend.  Both were so nice.  Get a glimpse of our time with them:



Just today, I have gotten a little holidayish and finished wrapping and sorting presents into the appropriate family bags while company was here to snuggle Si.  I also took advantage of a few images from Google and filled a few frames that have been begging for some Christmas spirit.


Here are a few more holiday images I considered, but didn’t use (yet:)


They might make an appearance on a future Christmas card or something.  It seems I don’t have time for holiday projects that take longer than about six minutes this year.  Maybe next year…  my Holiday Lovelies file in Pinterest will be a disaster by this time next year.

I am totally geeking out today over the Michael Buble Christmas Special that will be on NBC at 8pm on Friday.  See a peek from last year here.  Freakin’ hilarious.  Who knew he crooned like an angel AND was a total crack up?

In five days, we begin our holiday family rounds!  I can’t believe it’s Christmas.  Mostly because it still looks and feels like Fall, and partly because I had a child and it usurped all sense of time or outside responsibility.  Cheers to the last week before Christmas!  Hope you finished your shopping…


One thought on “Happy visits

  1. Merry Christmas!! Si is beautiful. Don’t worry, his schedule will straighten out. I know exactly what” wiry like Barney Fife” means.

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