38 weeks and counting

Hello, all! 

This week brought about the first week of maternity leave and one of the last weekends at home to get some projects wrapped up. I spent a lot of the week running errands and trying to get this kid back to a head down position after last weekend’s extensive driving to Illinois.  Turns out he isn’t a fan of head down hang outs in the car, so we’re still debating about Thanksgiving plans. 

In the mean time, I ran some errands and scored some holiday motif, including “Father Christmas” as I call him, some mistletoe, pine cones, candy canes, festive red berry garland, and a few other surprises.  I also went a little crazy on the public library online catalog and I have no fewer than seven holiday albums awaiting my pick up.  I have been loving some Dino while I waited for those to be collected on my behalf.  



My parents came down, bless their hearts, and helped us wrap up the Fall season by tackling the bathroom ceiling texturizing, trimming out some doors and windows, and doing some important plumbing work in the loft bathroom.   Handy Dads are underrated.





(Yes, this bathroom still needs significant work…like walls and trim…but progress!)

In other happenings, the nursery has been covered in woodwork and trim pieces all week.  It’s pretty cleared out after the productive weekend.  Here are a few new pieces, namely the darling blanket and burpies from Grammie Mary Kay that go perfectly with the nursery colors and also the little winter coat and freshly laundered baby carriers awaiting this guy. 



Hello, 38 weeks!  I was feeling really full of baby and ready to get him out of my body last weekend, but I had craniosacral therapy this week and I have SO MUCH ROOM in there.  I think he is going to cook a few more weeks and plump up a bit. 


We are due 2 weeks from tomorrow.  I can’t even believe it is almost December. 



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