Nine months

I think it’s wonderful that we get nearly a year to adjust to the idea of a baby coming.  Tim and I have both gotten suddenly and surprisingly motivated to finish projects, read books, and try to just relax and enjoy life before baby GB decides to grace us with his arrival.  Today marks the beginning of the ninth month of pregnancy.  Yowza.

This week, along with Halloween and a birthday and a baby who is finally snuggled head down in his bed-womb, we got a HUGE baby present in the form of a Nikon D3100 from my darling friend, Marina, whom I met when I lived in Hollywood and loved instantly.  Her vivacious spirit is coincidentally a generous one, and this camera is going to allow us to document this kid’s life in a way we couldn’t have done before.  We are SO. VERY. EXCITED.  I geeked out and read the manual at naptime on Wednesday, and I’ve been snapping pictures ever since while oohing and ahhing about things like “remarkable lighting without a flash” and “deft lightness in my hands” and “I can’t wait until I have something decent to capture on HD video.”  Without further adieu, here are a few projects we tackled the last half of the week:

A paper airplane mobile made of vintage comics (thanks to my brother, Logan, and his donation of a 1984 Superman and a 1982 Silver Surfer) was mocked after one that used comic book pages and a bike wheel.  At the end of the day, I wanted something red as the foundation and the bike wheel seemed so heavy to hang above a child’s face, so I went with embroidery hoops.  This entire project ran me under $7, thanks to the free comic books.  Log tells me I could get some back issues for a few dollars, if you’re interested.


Also, get a load of the finally hung nursery art!


Sadly, while I slumbered (before 8pm, but who’s asking?) the ever tempestuous kitten, Francie, decided the paper airplanes were probably intended for her.  At about three thirty this morning, when Tim had a headache and I had gotten up for the third time, he broke the news that the mobile was looking a little shaky while Francie snuggled with my belly like she does every night, looking as innocent as possible.  In my comic book airplane induced panic, I forgot to capture the pathetic state of the mobile, but rest assured (with the exception of one airplane,) I restored it to nearly perfect condition.  And then I promptly hid it under a baby blanket so the poor kid can at least look at it one time before this happens again.

Since we have been up since four a.m., we have been terribly motivated.  Tim and I decided to unfloor, re-floor, patch, and paint the laundry closet that resides in our bedroom.  It doesn’t look all that impressive, but just know that before this point, it was a sad combination of floral wallpaper, gray painted floral wallpaper, unpainted drywall with holes in it, and raw plywood shelving.  Ta da!  I feel so much better.  I don’t know why we didn’t do this months ago.  Oh wait–yes, I do.  We didn’t have walls or a kitchen or a functioning shower.  We also finished out the second nursery closet with caulk and paint and trim, and Tim is closing off the eaves in the kitchen between the beams while he watches Notre Dame from a ladder.  This guy is committed!  Life is really coming together out here in the woods.


Speaking of woods, it is looking very wintery and yucky today.  It has been sleeting and raining, and the view from our living room looks a little something like this:


It is November, and I am so happy that people are going to stop giving me grief about my holiday tunes.  I am going to do a little more Fall decorating today just because I can, and I bought a handful of holiday decor items this week that I am going to begrudgingly store until after Thanksgiving, per Tim’s final tone of voice about Christmas decorations at the beginning of November.  Sigh.

Winter in the woods is on it’s way!  The nursery is ready and my last week of work is only three days long at the end of the week.  I can’t believe it’s maternity leave time!

Who’s got a fun Fall project?  Or winter one?  Methinks it’s time for a Pinterest project since I happen to be off until Wednesday…


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