Things we love, grown up edition

Admittedly, there are many things we love lately, but most of them are bambino related.  Here are a few things we are enjoying as grown ups before this fellow makes his appearance.



We are finishing up season two with season three on hold at the library.  It is really the only thing we watch these days.  We can’t seem to stay up late enough to watch any real shows faithfully because we have pretty early mornings at the start of the week (read: Tim leaves at 6am on Monday and Tuesday.)

We are also starting a yoga practice.  Well, Tim is.  Mine will start later and probably will be more Pilates and less yoga to recover my sad, sad abs.  Rodney Yee is the shiz.  If you are looking for a yoga dvd, this one has a wonderful collection of different types of yoga so you can try them out and see what works for your body and mind.  They are 20 minute sequences, so they are great if you are just establishing a practice and don’t have much time.


Baby related, but really liking Having a Baby, Naturally.  It is very natural childbirthy, so not for everyone, but also very concise about its arguments for things, which helps if you need some ammo to convince your husband of something he might not be down with otherwise, from cloth diapering to labor tactics.  Despite a wealth of books so far in pregnancy, this is one that I have found most helpful for clear dialogue between two budding parents.


And finally, as usual, Tim is reading some Wayne.  We both have a “person” we feel totally embodies our emotional and spiritual goals and has the ability, through writing, to stop me in my thought patterns and completely change my mindset to help me let things go and find a bit of peace with the way things are.

My “person” is Gay Hendricks, Tim’s is Wayne Dyer. We read our respective people pretty constantly.  This is when we feel off kilter or when we have decisions to make or when we just want to focus on being a better version of ourselves, like now.  Not into self help or self awareness?  That’s totally ok.  But, we encourage you to dig around a little in the 158 section of non-fiction at your library and see if anyone jumps out at you.  It could totally change the way you see your life, relationships and purpose in a matter of an hour.  You’ll know you’ve found your person when you read a random sentence in the book and think “This guy/gal just totally blew my mind.  With one sentence.”

This week’s Wayne:


We still have a transverse (oblique at best) baby, so today I am going to see a craniosacral therapist to get some suggestions.  My ultrasound is a week from tomorrow, so if mister baby could get it together in there by then, that would be super.  Send this guy some vibes to head toward the light.  As in flashlight.  Literally.

Thanks to all who recommended!  I am all over those excercises.  Apparently this kid has his mama’s stubborn streak will power.

Cheers to wrapping up October!

(All pictures are from Google images, but all products are available on if you’re interested!)


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