A birthday and a nursery reveal…

Being the slacking blogger I am, I didn’t post on Tim’s birthday.  (Pregnant) Wife of the Year!

Nevertheless, Timmy turned 32 on Saturday.  Happy Birthday to the cutest almost-Dad in the world.  I am so proud of the man he is and I could not ask for a more loving husband or father for our babe(s) to come.   Here’s to the most endearing, entertaining, and sleep deprived year of our lives yet!

He wanted to spend the weekend watching Notre Dame football with my grandfather.  I am a lucky gal to have married a man who has such a wonderful relationship with my family, including my athletic enthusiast Papaw.  I think it’s safe to say they had a fantastic time given the outcome of the game.  Yes, I was in bed with my small herd of pillows, dreaming about new running shoes (got some) and cloth diapers (need some.)

In bambino development, we are in our 35th week.  How can we be five weeks from our due date??  This marks the end of our eighth month.  I can’t believe it…but then again I can.  Tim and I agree it’s hard to remember a time when I wasn’t pregnant.

I am really missing my agility (I couldn’t reach my own heel to get a splinter out) and brute strength as I get more motivated to get the house baby-ready.  I am sure Tim is missing them just as much since I ask him to move furniture/totes/random infant objects almost daily.

Upon returning to town last night, despite exhaustion and a swollen foot (long story involving a misstep into some creature’s habitat last week while spray painting in heavy winds,) I holed up in the nursery to put away piles of baby stuff that hadn’t found a home.  I even did a bit of decorating at long last.  It was spurned by the delivery of our final piece of nursery art from Misha in Seattle!  He is a darling Spaniard with a penchant for the alphabet.  I am in love.

We also settled on a collection of things for the collage above the changing table.  Never mind that cut off piece on the right–it is for a first initial that will remain a mystery for now.

I also finally hung the painted closet rod and jackets in the play closet.  It actually looks like a decent place to play and crash now!   Heck, even I want to sit in there and snuggle while I brush up on my Mo Willems.  (I don’t actually have any Mo Willems, but I will someday because he is hilarious.  I mean Elephant and Piggie?  Darling.)

We also settled on a pediatrician this week (finally) and feel good about our choice.  We picked a man described as older, sort of socially awkward with adults, fantastic with children, and not opposed to delayed vaccine schedules.  He was highly recommended in a few corners, so we hope we love him as much as we think we will.

In other news, our car repair ended up costing a fourth of the projected total.  Second opinions… Making expecting couples happy since the beginning of the automobile invention.   We ended up going back to our favorite Subaru guy from whom we bought the car.  Thank goodness, because the things we were told were wrong weren’t even the things causing the click.  She is running like a dream now, buddy.  We love our Subarus.

This weekend is one of our last weekends at home before we are in full swing baby mode!  We have a baby shower next weekend followed by Thanksgiving just around the corner, and then it’s go time.  We are going to be strategic and try to get about 327 house projects done this weekend.  Progress report to follow.


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