Crunch Time (and not for abs)

It’s officially crunch time in the GB abode.  We are in our 34th week of pregnancy, which means it’s time to have the car seat and hospital bags in the car just in case.  I worked feverishly all week on teeny tiny laundry and got the babe’s bag and seat together and got them in the car shortly after this picture.  My bag is still in progress, but I’m not fretting.


We have also been working on the nursery a little more and getting things finalized, like art choices and furniture placement.  We got our map!  One step closer to a little boy play space.  I also went tote crazy and organized all of baby GB’s hand me downs from cousin Oliver.  Yes, they are in fact labeled and stacked by size.  Bliss.



This weekend, we were planning on going to Illinois to see Tim’s family, but instead his parents came here and we are so, so glad they did.  The weather was gorgeous and the leaves are just beautiful.  This was the perfect Fall weekend to be in Bloomington.  While they were here, we had his Mom snag a few pregnancy shots of us.  Can I just say I had NO idea my belly was that big.  It doesn’t look that big from the top…






We are so glad they were up for a midday trip to the lake!  Not the best time of day for photo shoots, but we made it work.

Next up for us:  3 short weeks of work before maternity leave, some final projects on the house, an expensive car repair, and an absolute absence of any graceful movement on my part. Bring it on!


6 thoughts on “Crunch Time (and not for abs)

  1. Love the nursery! It looks amazing! I just put that picture in the mail for you. It includes a frame so it will be all ready to go. FedEx wrapped the crap out of it and put it in a HUGE box! It should be there at the end of the week. Also, loving the photoshoot with Tim. Your belly is gorgeous! Let me know if I can help with anything from afar. XO

    • Thank you for the nursery art!! I can’t wait to see it and hang it! I have been waiting to pick the rest until I see it, but I will email you a few new things I found and get your opinion 🙂 My belly feels like a lot of things, but not gorgeous… it feels huge. And weird. And not attractive but somehow still positive and happy. Does that even make sense??

  2. Everything looks soo darling! I love the pictures of you guys! Don’t be surprised if you don’t see one on my “family” picture wall!

  3. Omgoodness. I love your jacket and your pictures are stunning. That belly is adorable!! The nursery looks great (from what we can see…*cough cough*). Anxiously waiting more pictures!!

    • We are ridiculously not done with the nursery! What you see is the only acceptable viewing portion at this point 🙂 Don’t worry, I am working on it! Art will be decided and carried out this week sometime and then curtain and then a few more details… THEN I will reveal.

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