Back in the saddle

Hi, all.  We have had a long few weeks!  The last post seems so long ago, which is partially due to my procrastination which was  extended by an internet connectivity crisis that lasted about a week before we caved and called Comcast.  The respite from the modern world (since our phones don’t work without a wifi-enabled booster in our house) was cathartic, but we are happy to be back in the flow of things.

Last weekend we attended childbirth classes to get ready for Bambino.  We took them at Bloomington Area Birth Services, which was a great choice.  The information was useful, relevant, not at all lame, and reassuring slash frightening.  He’s actually coming, and I actually am going to go through childbirth.  Yowza!  Tim is ready to rock, so that should be helpful when the time comes.  33 weeks!

I had a little panic which resulted in a late ultrasound to tell us that everything looks “wonderful” and essentially that I need to not worry so much.  As a bonus, we got this awesome shot which is highly preferable to the 20 week pictures (a skeletal face shot and a tiny man part shot.)  She reiterated this time around that he is absolutely a boy, so we are feeling great about that.  Despite the fact that I think my belly is massive, the doc says Baby GB seems tiny and to keep eating so he can plump up these last 7 weeks or so.

On the homefront, we have been doing some projects here and there amid long work weeks which are coming to an end soon for me, thank goodness.  Four more weeks and then a few months off are headed my way.  We Tim got motivated to clean the seats in the car to get ready for baby as well as the nursery and loft, which are the two carpeted spaces in our A frame abode.    Thank you, husband!

Speaking of the hubs, he also made my whims a reality with these book ledges I have seen on Pinterest and beyond.  These puppies consist of two 1×4 boards and a 1×2 piece to make the front edge.  With our new nail gun, they went together in a snap and then I got to work sanding and painting them with our favorite white enamel that is all over the rest of the house.

We are very happy with the results!  We registered for gifts for the baby shower, but we also asked people to bring books for the babe instead of cards and we are so, so glad we did.  We have some awesome ones to start this kid’s library!

We also filled our new, beautiful, sturdy-enough-to-pull-up-to-standing-if-you’re-tiny baskets I snagged at Target for toys.  I am pretty much in love with them.  And get a load of that darling white ledge shelf that sits just above them…  How romantic.  Sigh.

Look!  Honey (this child’s maternal grandmother who was sweetly named by nephew, Oliver) got Baby GB some earthy new digs!  The back of the raccoon and friends shirt has a darling surprise, but it will have to wait for when he is actually wearing it. I am in love with them and they are oh so soft.  Thank you, Honey!

I made a Costco trip this morning while Timmy turned into mister Rug Doctor.  It’s hard to say who is more worn out as we sit here watching the Irish do their (not so hot) thing.  Get ready for a glimpse into the bellies of the GB clan!  A few of our favorite things:  extra sharp white cheddar cheese to eat with apples, Barilla Plus pasta which is superbly nutritive with as much protein as a chicken breast, La Brea Bread Company whole grain loaf…times six, organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup for hurried weekday meals, and Kashi trail mix bars.

I did a little mantle decorating for Fall last week, but you all missed it since we had no internet.  It isn’t much, but it makes me feel better about the leaves just beginning to change.  I love love love Fall.  If you’re wondering if we randomly installed a fireplace, we didn’t.  We decided to use the mantle through the holidays as an entertainment center.  That way we don’t have to have a television constantly exposed in our small living space and I can actually hang stockings on something that feels homey.  As a joke that turned out to be fun and not that funny, I streamed a fireplace on YouTube since the tv is where a fireplace should be.  Nerdy, yes, but awesome.  I’ll so do it again before winter is over.

I also splurged this week with some Macy’s gift certificates and bought some sweet, super light gray, quick dry towels.  Let’s hope we like them since it took me so long to commit to them!

And last but not least, I bought little boo boo this adorable fuzzy owl while I was waiting in line at Kohl’s.  Who can beat a $5 darling toy from which proceeds go to charity?  Usually I can, but apparently I am a sucker for a gray owl.  I love him.

Here’s to a pleasant and restful Fall weekend!


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