our (homeowner’s) wekeend in photos

Well, we resumed our homeowner duties this weekend after a few months of ignoring our little home in the woods.  Tim and I had several pep talks this week to gear ourselves up for a productive weekend doing some things on the pre-baby list.  Since cousin Mario and his wife Blair welcomed their new baby boy Gavin a month early today, I am especially motivated to get stuff done just in case!

We were up early (read: Meg’s bouncing bambino was up early…  like before 6) and Tim was out of bed by 7, sort of against his will.  We putzed around for half an hour and then got down to painting.  Tim tackled the beams in the kitchen at long last.  Goodbye, dungeon kitchen!

Before (with a terribly messy kitchen–sorry!):


It really highlights the exposed wood in between the beams, which used to look clashy and dark with the reddish stain of the beams.  We dig it!

While Tim was perched with his paintbrush for the beams, I worked on painting the nursery and bathroom doors at long last.  We sort of got used to them and I forgot how much they bothered me initially until I uploaded the before picture from this morning.  Wow.

I know it doesn’t look very impressive (thanks, brass knobs) but they are so refreshing in person.  See the missing door trim around the bathroom door?  Don’t worry, it’s coming.  Someday.  This isn’t a mirror, by the way.  It is actually a shot of the nursery door (I am standing in the nursery) looking into the hallway/bathroom.  Previously two dark, gross doors.  Freshly whitened and brightened.  Doorknobs to be addressed shortly.  Or much, much later.  We’ll see.  We used our white woodwork paint, which is a latex enamel in a semi-gloss finish.  We got 5 gallons of this stuff because it’s a paint and primer in one and we knew we would have a ton of dark, dark, reddish stained wood to paint over.  This stuff covers in two coats despite going from dark to white.  I have been really happy with it.

Tim also caulked the woodwork in the nursery so that I could trim it out with white paint.  It looks shockingly better.  I was impressed.

Pretty, no?  Poor Baby GB was almost destined to have a dull, lifeless nursery, but thanks to my Seattle pal, Misha, this kid is going to have some poppin’ color in this nursery.  I will stop there so we can have a little bit of a reveal later on, but I am feeling really excited about it.  I am feeling really excited in general these days.

Hello, 28 weeks this week!  It is officially the third trimester and my belly is feeling huge these days.  I am gaining weight finally and he is definitely growing enthusiastically.  Go, buddy, go!

The highlight of the week for me was this pair of maternity yoga pants from target for $6, while Tim’s highlight was this terribly colorful tank top (he asked me to wear more color since literally 90% of my wardrobe is gray or black.)

Happy rest of the weekend!


One thought on “our (homeowner’s) wekeend in photos

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love the updated white – it looks fantastic! This inspires me to get a little painting done around the house. Also, I love your little belly. How is it possible you are already in your third trimester? It seems like you just announced your pregnancy!

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