Before we get to the weekend…

We had lots of responses to and conversations about our last blog post and wanted to share with you this book that reveals exactly the way to quiet your mind enough to enjoy where you are.  It is called The Untethered Soul and we are totally amazed by the first chapter alone.

(Google images)

On another note, after being 66th of 74 holds for Downton Abbey Season 2 at the library for several months, I picked it up yesterday and it is sweetly calling my name from the dining room table on this lovely day off.

(Google images)

And one more thing we are totally enjoying right now is this album.  We have been listening on Spotify for free, but it’s good enough that it warrants a purchase in my book.  It is a $6 download for the whole album on Amazon and it’s great if you think classical music puts you to sleep.  This is a motivating but not obnoxious set that is great for cleaning the house or encouraging independent toddler play or studying without snoozing.

Happy Friday!  Cheers to the weekend and Notre Dame football… in DUBLIN!  Angela Kelly (my former roommate at SMC) is on her flight there right this minute.  Jealous?  We are, too.


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