Wrapping up the summer

This is what the end of our summer is looking like:

…but don’t be too jealous, because this guy just worked 12 days straight at his new job and is pretty exhausted.  He is loving the work, but the hours have been a little plentiful.  Don’t worry, changes have been made and this will not be a permanent pace of life for Timmy.

In other news, one of our two detours wrapped up and for a solid week, we had a mostly normal commute to town and back.  It didn’t last long and despite some moaning on my part about winding way the heck out of the way to go to work, this is what I pass in the mornings now as I come around the bend:

It is such a quiet, marshy, woodsy place to sit and in the mornings it looks misty and ethereal.  Tim and I went this morning to have our tea and watch the herons, beaver and squirrels do their thing.  It looks like there is a great trail that runs along the shore all the way into the ridgeline, so we will explore that at some point.  We have been going to an SRA that was full of boaters and people fishing/hanging out on the rocky beach, so it’s nice to accidentally discover something just as close to home that is so much more peaceful.  I went three times this week!

Tim had the daytime off on Thursday and worked in the evening, so he put up some trim and baseboard.

Caulking and painting to come, but it’s nice to have some more gaps covered, one nail at a time.  There are a handful of house projects we are feeling motivated to resume lately, so hopefully we will have some fun updates to share by the time Fall is in full swing.  I also finished the bookshelves and got them back up, but not the cabinet doors, so I will spare you the clutter and save that for a later date.

We have been reading some of our usual things (Wayne Dyer for Tim, murder mystery series for me for the moment) and we have also picked up a few parenting books, including this one:

available here on Amazon.

We have been talking about the choices we make as individuals, as a couple, and the ones we see ourselves making as parents in the coming years.  This book seems like it focuses on creating happy kids without a whole lot of stuff, which is right up our alley A. because we don’t like stuff cluttering our lives and B. because we are by no means going to live ostentatiously from a financial standpoint with two jobs in public service.  We will keep you posted, but it looks like a great read!  Any other simple parenting books you would recommend?

We will be joining the real world for the next six months because Comcast, the little dears, are jacking up our internet service to the point that adding $5 more gives us cable for six months.  This gets us through Notre Dame football and most of the season of Bones.  We have not had tv in this house since we moved in and it has been really nice to just have netflix and stream things, but it will also be nice for the colder months/maternity leave/football season to have the cozy option of television when everyone else gets to watch it.  Right now I have to say silent prayers that there won’t be Rookie Blue spoilers on facebook by the time I get to watch it 24 hours later each week.

The simple life in the woods we strive to maintain is not absolute and we are excited about the media induced break with cable for a while.  We are countering that with the choice to cut down our phone plans and get rid of data.  It’s expensive and it doesn’t foster better personal relationships, so we are nay saying the data package.  Goodbye, crackberry.  I will miss you, but I know I waste my waking hours clicking your buttons and looking for some sort of meaning in all the wrong places.  Sigh.  More books, more conversations, more time in the quiet.  Tim and I have both recently realized how hard it is to be isolated in the woods.  He works with people of many ages and mindsets, but I can go for weeks only seeing Tim and the toddler/her family.  After a while, it wears on a gal.  I was never overtly social, so I cope pretty well with it, but I think it’s safe to say we have both reached a point of wondering what we should do to feel more connected.  We do the farmers’ market and UU service every week that we are in town, and perhaps the problem lies in the frequency with which we leave town, which has been considered.  Just something we are thinking about.  Suggestions welcome…  Do you live in the boonies?  How do you keep your sanity and kindness in tact without forgetting to stop talking to yourself every time you are in public?

25 weeks prego!  Three months and counting, says Tim from the other room.  I am back on the cooking bandwagon finally and enjoying our open windows and burning candle.  Ah, weekends.  This is what you are supposed to feel like.  I remember now.

Next weekend, Alexandria will be our focus as we celebrate a handful of August birthdays (mine is the 23rd!) and also Sister Judy’s jubilee.  I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this means she has been a nun for 50 years.  She is one rockin’ lady and the coolest, kindest nun I ever met with her arty talents, chunky sweaters, and birkenstocks.  We will be excited to see her because she has never met Timmy and probably has no idea that boo boo is on his way to meet us this winter.

Labor day weekend we will be going to spend a day at the Dunes and then head to a Ballard family get together on Sunday.  Let the good times roll!  We haven’t seen them since the end of June!


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