Part One

I wore a long sleeved shirt to the market yesterday and it was divine.  I even wore a puffy vest that absolutely does not button over my belly, but I rocked it anyway.  Bring on 50 degree mornings!  Turns out my bump has graduated to absolutely no more pre-pregnant shirts.  Tim didn’t warn me my belly was sticking out last week and I looked like an idiot for a whole day.  We had a conference about it later, but just in case it happens again, TELL ME for heaven’s sake.  Hello, 24 weeks!

The past few weeks have been filled with lots of small things changing around the house while nothing really impressive got done.   We rearranged the house… again.  I mentioned it last post, but here is a photo.  When you live in 1000 square feet and basically one huge room, you learn to get creative.  I am a gal who needs constant change to keep up any sort of creativity flow, much to Tim’s chagrin.


Sweet Pittsburgh cousins, Maggi and Greg (and Mike and Sharon,) came to see the house and Mags tells me that pictures don’t capture the space.  While this is true, unless you are up for a road trip to the woods, you probably won’t get a good feel for the space because it is so open and I am lacking a wide angle lens.  We are contemplating a few shifts when the holidays start to make room for a tree and a fireplace-mantle-turned-entertainment-center (we like to pretend we don’t have a tv.)  I am also on the hunt for a wicked kitchen island, preferably in a minty green which is obviously something I can amend if color is the only obstacle.

We hung pictures on the wall at long last.  It feels so much more like home with a few of our favorite things on the walls.  Our collage includes a vintage Italian piece of art from Goodwill, a Gwen Frostics fern print card my Mom sent me years ago, the Mayan calendar which we like for aesthetic and sentimental reasons but not chronological ones, a favorite wedding photo, and a picture of Jane Austen, Henry David Thoreau and Ghandi, but my centering eyes were a little crooked when I went hammer happy.  Tweaking ahead!

Timmy also nailed down some baseboard in the main living area and it looks great!  We need to add shoe trim around the bottom to camouflage our ridiculously not level floors, but it looks so much cleaner already.

In baby world, we have rearranged the nursery and assembled a few things.  I also got some organizing done with blankets, tiny clothes, tiny diapers, breastfeeding supplies, and the new/used things I have been gathering from friends down here.  We definitely have a drawer full of baby spoons, pacifiers, breast pads, monthly onesie stickers, and about ten other random things.  They will have to find a home later.  On the docket for this week:  teaching Timmy how to buckle an infant/stuffed bunny into a carseat and how to put on a sling or Moby wrap.

They like the nursery.  Maybe a little too much.  I can’t even take a photo without them plopping at my feet.  Get ready, kitties!  Colder weather means you’re almost back on duty for mouse patrol!

In other news, thanks to BabySwede, we have a brand new Baby Bjorn Babysitter Balance!  It was on the porch when I got home one day last week and I giggled out loud at the sight.  Love it!


Kait and Oliver came down for a few days mid week and we had such a fun time with them.  We played and snuggled and went to Lake Monroe and ate a lot of pasta.  Pretty much my ideal quality time.

We have been sitting outside a lot this past week with the beautiful weather.  It is so much nicer to live in the woods when you can sit outside and enjoy it!  We had highs in the 70s at the end of the week and 80s this weekend.  It has been wonderful and renewing.  Waking up to fresh, cool air in the mornings starts my day of in such a good way.  Perhaps it is my love for soup, but Fall is coming and I sure am happy about it.  Hope you are all enjoying the summer!


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