Comings and Goings

If we can relax into the flow of life, someone is always coming into or moving away from our daily lives.  In the midst of this summer heat, we have both of these happening and we are excited on both accounts.

My sister, Kait, and nephew, Oliver, will be moving down to Bloomington this Fall and I can’t wait!  Tim and I have both schemed ways to get family members closer to us since we love living here but we also love seeing our families on a regular basis.  We chose Bloomington because it feels West coasty and we feel at home here while we still get to be within a few hours of our family members at any given time.  With the baby coming, I think he and I are both getting a little wistful about people being even a few hours away, so we are so, so happy that Kait will be here and that the babe will have his first cousin in the same town.

The goings of our lives tend to be not so positive, and this one is not without its sadness in parts, but it is also a joyful parting of ways.  My college roommate and confidant, Angela Kelly, is moving to Naples, Italy TODAY!  In fact, in about six hours, she flies off to lands she has never seen but will soon love and cherish as if a part of her has always called it home.  Having studied in Rome during undergrad, she asked me for a few tips.  It looked a little something like this:

how to like italy:
it isn’t easy at first because everything is new and scary. force yourself to do these things:
1. find a grocery store where you can buy vino and blood oranges and good bread, cheese and prosciutto. that’s all you need for days. they taste like love and you won’t need anything else.
2. find the nearest espresso bar to your house and go everyday at the same time. it will be worth the .60eurocents a day for an espresso to establish a human connection and people who recognize your face and smile when they tell you buon giorno.
3. introduce yourself to your neighbors and hope one of them is A. hot, B. grandmotherly, or C. family-oriented. if they invite you over, GO. you will get home cooked italian food, kindness, a free italian lesson, and human connection that you will be missing.
4. go out at least one night a week for dinner or to a wine bar, especially if you don’t have anyone to go with. the italian restaurant life is an experience all its own and you will meet young people at bars and begin to make friends. they tend to frequent the same bars at the same times each week, so it will be easy to start recognizing people. also, in italy no one is ever drunk in public. tipsy, yes. drunk and disorderly, no. never. hopefully you will make one good friend at work and be able to have a lifeline that i didn’t have. i feel like that would have helped so much.
5. if a handsome man asks you out, you must say yes. it is an italian right of passage. it’s ok if he lives with his parents, they all do until they get married and have law degrees and that’s how they get wealthy and worth dating.  he will take you all over the coast and wine and dine you and buy you gucci presents. just. say. yes.

The best advice?  Probably not.  But I hope it helps nonetheless.  I am going to miss her very much, even though we hardly see each other when we live in the same geographical region of the States.  Thank goodness for Skype!  Tim and I are saving our pennies this year for an Ireland trip late next Spring and she is planning to meet us there to rendezvous.  We can’t wait!  Good luck, Ang’a!  We are proud of you and totally thrilled that you have chosen this not easy but wonderful experience for yourself.  What a gift to trust yourself enough to do something you always dreamed of doing.

In other news, holy cow is my belly growing.  Still zero weight gain.  My nanny toddler kindly mentioned yesterday that I had “a GIIIIIIANT BELLY!”  That’s great.  She then told me “he needs to grow and then he will come out and play!”  That’s mostly right and something I hear almost everyday now.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her he won’t be much fun for a while after he arrives.

Our house is slowly shaping up to look baby appropriate.  I have begun washing things like the baby swing cushion and car seat bundle bits that had found their way into a pile.  I have also begun buying a few things second hand from my nanny fam, like the pack and play, cloth wipes, and diaper sprayer.  The kitchen counter has a pile of random baby spoons, several types of pacifiers, homeopathic baby colic pellets, and baby food freezer containers that I sifted out of Olivers old toys.  We also dug out the breast pump (thanks, Kait!) and I tried it out on Tim.  His eyes got pretty big but you’ll be glad to know it works like a charm.  Medela products are great!  Also, we misplaced the Bjorn bouncer canvas cover, so Mom emailed them a few times about buying a replacement and they offered to replace the whole thing!  I love that bouncer because it is much more upright than nearly any other on the market and it was wonderful to have for Oliver as a bambino.  Totally happy with BabySwede customer service.  They didn’t ask me to say that, either.

I bought a few tiny warm outfits for mister GB and I am getting excited for him to get here already!  Too bad we have about 18 more weeks, give or take.  I will be 22 weeks on Sunday and I can’t believe it is going so quickly.  I always look forward to the holidays (that’s right, Maria Schultz, we are so related) but this year I will be anxious for them in a whole new way, and probably in ways I can’t even imagine at this point.

I have only had one person ask me when I am due so far.  I think I am huge, but obviously people are still wondering if I just ate my way through summer.  Maybe they just pity me because I am usually juggling two bags, a sippy, a toddler, likely a partially eaten snack, and whatever else happened to be in my car.  A random parenting mag said my belly button might pop out this week.  I think my eyes popped out instead as I was reading that.  Now, I frantically look at my belly button about seven times a day to see if it looks “poppy” as I call it.  It is getting kind of flat, which I assume is a precursor to poppy.  Crazy!  I also asked Tim a few times, but he gave me that look like “is this a trick question?” and then made some noise that could have been a yes or a no with a shrug thrown in for good measure.

Someday we are going to do some more home improvements and finishing projects like baseboard and trim and painting the bathroom.  For now, just trying to enjoy summer in the early mornings and take the heat one day at a time.  August and September are full of trips to both home towns, so we will be less productive on the house but it will be nice to visit before we settle in for a long winter’s nap baby arrival.


3 thoughts on “Comings and Goings

  1. I will have you know that my belly button did not pop out until AFTER I delivered!! It was on the cusp for months and months then when my belly went down my belly button stayed out. Fear not, it is back to normal now… or I should say the new normal.

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