We are cruising right through summer over here.  Why is it that summer arrives and all of a sudden we turn into these busy, crazy people who forget how to sit still and breathe?  For the last few weeks, Tim and I have been attempting to reconnect with our quiet, calm selves who can get into a nice, relaxing flow of life and enjoy where we are.  We both love summer in Bloomington, but we tend to get so busy visiting people and families that we forget how to stay home and enjoy what we have here.

Time to slow down!  Tim has done this by eating a lot of fresh food and smoothies (including green ones–go Timmy!) and spending time in the garden, and I have done it by trying to sit still more, listen to classical music, and read a bit.  It really does feed the soul to be where you are.  It seems so hard to do that in the modern era.  The garden is literally feeding our souls!  We also had a huge zucchini, but it didn’t last long enough to be photographed.

I will admit that I am having an unusually hard time relaxing these days.  I will attribute that to pregnancy a little bit because I just don’t feel quite like myself, but I think a huge part of it is less the impending childbirth and more the lack of a good mattress and therefore a good night’s sleep.  We ordered our new mattress!  It was supposed to be in last Wednesday and instead it will be here today.  After seven nights on the spare bedroom mattress (full sized, firm, generally speaking not good all around) we are beyond ready to see our new, king-sized beauty arrive in the next two hours.  And we apologize to everyone who has spent a night on that godforsaken thing.  We are working on that.   God love the man at the furniture store.  I walked in hyped up on sleepless nights and pregnancy-induced indecision and said something like “I need a mattress.  Today.  I want something firm but not firm, but not too soft so maybe like firm with some cushion, but not pillow top.  And my budget is about four dollars.”  I don’t even know if I waited for him to say hello.  He was so nice and in hindsight, I probably should have taken a few deep breaths before I entered the store.  Again, the importance of slowing down.

In other news, we had our ultrasound and I mentioned it’s a boy.  Now that we have had that news for a week, I have been able to mentally shift my brain toward the future mister Ballard a bit and I am getting excited!  I think big brothers are nice to have whether you are a boy or a girl, so I am happy our family will have that element to it.  I am feeling pretty good these days and eating what sounds good.  Luckily, that list that is full of mostly fresh food and finally includes espresso and dark chocolate again.  Neither of these have sounded, smelled, or tasted good in months!  All of a sudden, I wanted a latte (decaf, of course, and soy because my body dislikes dairy) and some good dark chocolate.  I was sort of nostalgic and happy about seeing my old friends.  To celebrate, I got this guy:

It was on sale at Target for half off!  I paid way less for this one than the one we got in Italy which was half the size!  I felt like I had won some sort of Bialetti Brikka lottery.  Sadly, Target doesn’t carry decaf espresso, so the purchase was followed by a visit to the Target Starbucks where I had a pregnant meltdown until the little girl sold me some ground decaf espresso in a cup.  She ended up giving me about 20 shots worth for the price of a $2 Americano coffee.  I can’t decide if she was being nice or just really wanted me to get out of there.  Either way, I have been getting lots of protein from soy lattes and iced soy mochas, so it’s a win win.  Thank goodness for Amazon Prime because Tim’s Teecino and my decaf espresso get here today.

We have been working on the nursery but not much to report yet.  Still trying to decide on details for the room, but the basics are there, including an assembled crib and toys sorted by age appropriateness.  Can you tell I raise babies for a living?

One of these days I am going to hang some art on the walls and post a new house tour full of photos for you.  This weekend will not be that time since I have a shower for Logan’s fiance in Indy and Tim has a wedding celebration for some friends.  We also have the pleasure of my Aunt Leanne and cousin Kathryn’s presence this weekend!  Fun times ahead in the woods.


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