What a week

Hello, darlings.  We have just had such a busy, productive, social week!  Let’s rewind to last Saturday.  I dropped Timmy at the airport to go to DC for a visit with former Belize roommate, John.  Tim had some time off in between jobs since his new one doesn’t start until Monday, so he used the time to finally make it happen and get out there.  He was so excited!

For those wondering, Tim’s old job was on the business side of a landscaping company down here and his new job will be working as a manager for a non-profit organization working with developmentally disabled adults who need support to live independently here in Bloomington.  He is looking very forward to being back in the field and the position is really everything we could ask for, including an awesome supervisor.  We are both excited about the transition!

After dropping Tim off, I met my Mom, sister and nephew at Costco for a whirlwind shopping spree for a handful of things I buy twice a year and then we had lunch at Buca di Beppo.  It was delicious and such a fun time.  Oliver is hilarious and such a good boy.  After lunch, we all headed to Alexandria for a visit.  Coincidentally, Oliver was at his Dad’s, Tim was in DC and Vanessa was having a girls weekend with her sisters, so it was sort of a Garner reunion of sorts with just Mom and Dad and the three of us.

Congratulations are in order for my brother, Logan, and his fiance, Vanessa!  These two lovebirds are going to tie the knot in Alaska this summer and come home to celebrate with everyone shortly thereafter.  We had a fun day talking about Logan’s upcoming elopement and the baby business, and early afternoon I spent some time with Aubrey at Dortees Drive-in for a chocolate coke just like old times.  In the evening, we went to see Kendra, Greg and Kenley!  They were in from Florida and I hadn’t seen them since Christmas, so it was a great catching up time.  I love them!

Sunday I had breakfast with Dan and Robyn and the kids at John’s Diner (our favorite family spot) and then headed home.  Tim’s parents came for a few days to help me around the house and keep me company while Tim was gone.  We got so much done!  Roger gutted the bathroom ceiling and got our new light fixture up, which was no small task.  Mary Kay and I tackled the first few coats of crib painting and also decided to start the built-in bookshelf painting process.

On Tuesday night, my parents picked Tim up on the way and came to stay for a few days to start the second round of projects.  We had one night with everyone here, which was fun!  It’s rare that both sets of parents are in one place.  The next morning, Rog and Mary Kay left and Jamie and Teri started right in on projects, as usual.

Mom and I worked on the crib some more and finishing coats on the bookshelf.

Dad and Tim gutted the fixtures from the bathroom, put up the new ceiling, hung new wall coverings, installed a new vanity, and put the toilet back in.  We originally thought the toilet was ivory, but once we (a.k.a. Roger) replaced the lighting for something better, we realized it just had an ivory lid.  Easy fix!  It is a Kohler high efficiency toilet, so I was happy to keep it once the lid was a quiet close white one. Get a load of that wallpaper, including the seagulls who used to gawk at us as we bathed.

Yes, that is actually a wooden border on TOP of the gorgeous seagulls.

Tim enjoyed ripping it down a little too much.  Keep in mind it was going to be covered and didn’t even need to be ripped down.

Dad and Tim did the ceiling and walls, Mom and I did the flooring, then the boys were back on for the plumbing business.

And finally, Mom put the final coat on the bookshelves and trimmed out the nursery while I worked on finishing the play closet that Tim started last week.

I can’t believe how much stuff got done since last weekend, and we are so grateful to have parents who are willing to not only drive all the way here, but then work their fingers to the bone to help us do as much of the renovations as we can without hiring it done.  They are champions and we love them.

In other news, the belly has exploded in the last week!  I can’t believe it.  I don’t know where it came from all of a sudden.  This thing is wiggling all day long now and has a small disdain for the blender.  We find out gender on Wednesday and we are pretty excited about that.  We considered not finding out but I can’t handle it.  I do love a good plan…

Tim and I are going to have our first laid back, no travel, no home repair weekend in about two months.  We got the weekend started right with a 7pm bedtime on a Friday night.  Nothing says party like accidentally falling asleep before 90% of the young children in town.  We felt great this morning, though!  Tim just made smoothies and oats while I blogged.  Next up:  Farmers’ Market, a few errands, and a surprise lunch date for Timmy.


One thought on “What a week

  1. Hi guys so great to here from you/wow great pictures-Tim you will do just fine on the new job-you have what it take especially a great wife at your side/I have knon you for a life time or almost/you always excell at what you do/from landscaping-to being a carpenter-to being a student to being a teacher-from being a friend to being the greatest friend one of my many treasures-take a great look in the mirror–from were you started to were you are-from high school ccd-to Depaul to Bolive-to finding a great lady-great place to live-well/not great do miss you-but you are in perfect control-been proud of you every step of the way-that has not changed-even moving to Indy-from the looks you in a grand location-everything you ever wanted-yea Tim you will do fine/once in awile take a step back-look what you have and will be having-wow-Love you guys

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