17 weeks (a.k.a. tight pants)

It’s growing.  I swear it looks bigger in real life, or maybe that’s just because my pants were too tight and I finally gave in to maternity pants.  Don’t judge these yoga pants from Target–they saved my life the past two months. Even if they do say PEACE across the butt.  I usually cover that with long, boring, black or gray tank tops.  Shocker. 

I have been eating a ton these last few days and feeling great!  Happy about that. 


In other news, we spent the weekend celebrating a belated Father’s Day with Tim’s family in Illinois.  We also threw in a Ballard clan get-together, which was a fantastic time of fun, sun, and some intense bean bag toss.  I’m still singing Aunt Joyce’s praises for the apple cake…  We got to spend some quality time with cousin Luke, too.  It was a wonderful weekend. 

Tim will be going to DC this weekend to see his Belizean roommate, John.  He is so excited!  I will be home, probably eating watermelon and nectarines and bacon.  He will be back for our mutual day off on the fourth and we have a few things cooked up for next week.  If they all pan out, we will have some surprises for you at the end of it. 



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