Father’s Day

We had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend!  There is something really thrilling about knowing we are going to be parents the next time these parental holidays roll around.  I have to admit that this year was already pretty awesome, and while I can feel this baby wiggling all over the place in its “bedwomb,” as my sister coined it once, next year we will have a whole new meaning of the word wiggle. It is nice to have everyone excited about it and feel like this baby is going to be born into a rockin’ village of love and support.  Timmy got a few fun things, but he was most excited about the fire pit (as the fire ban went into effect yesterday) and the mug that says Daddy Needs Coffee.  He’ll be needing that thing in about five months.

We were originally going to have my parents down for the weekend, but it turned out that my siblings had off work and wanted to have the weekend at our parents’ house, so we ended up going to Alexandria.  It.  Was.  Awesome.  Saturday we were outside all day, sunning, swimming, grilling, laughing, patting the baby bump, and celebrating dads with some pretty awesome gifts.  I think the men were all thrilled with the day.  It looked a little something like this:

We are getting really baby-excited as the weeks pass by at lightning speed (and at the same time like molasses in winter.)  We are in the fourth month of pregnancy already.  The nursery is coming along, one tiny decision at a time, and we are having a great time with our slow-paced approach to things we want done in the house.  This is less of a 100 meter dash and more of a 367 mile hike, we have found.  I hate to admit that I tend to be better at short, go-at-it-like-I’m-killing-snakes bursts of productivity while my sweet man is literally a long distance runner for fun.  I never did understand people who ran for fun.  They tell me I just stopped too soon, but I think sputtering, wheezing, gasping for air means it is definitely time to stop.

My baby bump is still pretty small, but from a month ago, it has definitely grown, says the fam.  As a girl who has genetically good abs and a tiny waist without any effort, I have to say I feel like it sticks way the heck out there.  Yes, I know this is only the beginning.  I am still below my pre-pregnancy weight, which is awesome since the babe is using up some of all that stuff I was storing in the trunk, if you know what I mean.

When Tim showed me this picture, I literally asked him if it looked accurate.  I swear that thing feels huge.  I am realizing how midsectionally blessed I have been my entire life.  Nothing like a pregnancy to make you truly grateful for things you didn’t even know you had.

Now that summer is upon us, I am going to start walking a lot more to enjoy the sunshine before the heat of the day.  Walking has always been sort of meditative for me and I know my body will be glad I did come wintertime when I am in labor.  Ten minutes a day will change your life.  I will challenge you to do it with me, if you want to.  Do it for a month and see how you feel.  It’s remarkable.

Finally, we have made literally no progress on our house since rearranging but we are gearing up for gutting the bathroom in the next few months.  Yipee.  Instead, we have been enjoying our mama and baby kitty for the last week.  I get home from work and just watch and play with them for hours.  I know this is my hormones speaking because I am a total dog person, but I am totally enthralled with watching these two interact.  I even hated to leave them this weekend to go see my family.  It’s true, I have lost my mind.  My brother rescued the mama from the side of the highway and she was pregnant at the time.  He kept her until the kittens were weaned, found them good homes, and we adopted these two together.  We are so glad we did, because they have so much fun together.

The mama’s name is Metta, which means loving-kindness, because she is a totally zen, loving, reserved cat.  She is only a few years old.  The baby is a few months old and quite the tyrant when she is awake, which is in one hour spurts throughout the day and night.  The girl is like the feline matrix.  Her name is Francie, because she just seemed like a Francie almost immediately.  Spritely, slightly wily, impish, and completely adorable.  We love them both very much, especially because in about five days we were down four mice.  We thought we only had one.  Surprise (and not in a good way.)

Bird/snake/chipmunk/deer watching.  Yeah, they are all in our front yard.

Napping on the nursery chair after a vicious round of chase-the-ball-with-the-bell-in-it.  She doesn’t last long, but it is so fun to watch.

Here’s hoping you could either hug, talk to, or be intentionally grateful for your dad this weekend.  I know Tim and I both feel like we had wonderful men to look up to and learn from, and I know that Tim is going to be a darling, collaborative father to our children.  I mean seriously, we had to drag him out of the pool along with Oliver.  The man likes his play time.


One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. A great weekend indeed! It was wonderful to have everyone home. We’re talking family vaca next year!
    I forgot to comment in the last the last post on some of the relationship books Jamie and I have read, so here goes: Purpose Driven Life (years ago), Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey, and Flourish by Catherine Hart Weber. And oh, many daily Lenten and Advent books over the years.

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