Vacation time!

Vacations are such a long time coming, but it seems like they are gone so quickly.  Tim and I kicked off the week with a very last minute trip to Onarga, which I mentioned previously.  Aside from the engagement announcement of Tim’s sister, we also spent some time at the Kankakee Farmers’ Market.  We had such a great time!  Fresh lemon shake-ups, beautiful cello solos drifting in the air, blue skies and gorgeous sunshine.  We lunched on olives, gourmet cheese, hummus, and homemade pita and bread.  You just never know what you’ll find at the market!


For sure we are sporting a baby bump these days.

This week has passed so quickly!  Monday was a day of cleaning after our vigorous rearranging on Sunday night.  Here are a few shots of what our house looks like today, mess and all.  Spacious living room!

Nature cocoon bedroom!

Soft gray nursery!

Excuse the terrible pictures.  My camera got misplaced in the shuffling of furniture.  Mary Kay and I also planted lots of hostas, red bud trees, and a beautiful blue hydrangea that reminds us of our wedding flowers.  Tonight we will have Logan and Vanessa (Meg’s brother and his future wifey) here, and they will be bringing the two kitties we are going to adopt!  We are very excited, because mister mousey left us tons of mouse poison pellets in our shoes this morning.  No joke.  We didn’t even know we had mouse poison in this house.  Gross!  Tim is on duty to hunt them down when he gets home from work.

Now for a little Father’s Day shopping!  Hope you are all having a splendid week!


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