Simplifying Stuff

We are on a crazy kick over here.  We are getting rid of everything we don’t use or love.  It is so liberating!  It began with the flooding of the basement, but really it began long ago since we both are sort of minimalist nomads at heart.  Now that we have a house in the woods with a basement full of stuff we still haven’t unpacked, it is sort of seductive to consider blindly throwing it all out and never wasting another thought on where to put it or what we might need from one of any number of boxes.  We might do that, but we are more inclined to force ourselves to use pre-baby months to go through it all and give away what we will not use.  The sticky part is finding the energy to go through what we already have, but it is easier to think about it like this:  “I will never have to unpack, house, or use this stuff again.” 

When the basement was full of water and we had feverishly hoisted boxes on top of anything we could find to keep the contents dry, we vowed two things.  One, the space downstairs will never be the movie-watching, home theater, relaxing space we thought it would be when we moved in.  Two, all this crap we have accumulated has even less space than we thought it did to find a permanent home. 

Verdict:  we will choose to make our roughly 1000 square feet plus the loft suffice as a living space for a family of at least three, if not four.  Since we are not big on wasted belongings/space/money anyway, this isn’t a problem for us.  It does, however, mean that we have to recreate floor plan choices like our huge dining room table that takes up the biggest gathering space on the main floor.  If we have no sofa in the not-so-finished basement, then it must go in the living space and probably exactly where that table was.  We have been sketching out different ideas and plans for our remaining furniture and things.  We like where it’s going, but it definitely is about 700 square feet shy of what we thought we had coming into this thing.  

This weekend, we had a last minute trip to Illinois to surprise Tim’s sister, Sara, who got engaged on Saturday.  She didn’t know she was getting engaged, and she didn’t know both of their families would be there for dinner.  It was a great surprise!  Congratulations to Sara and Derek!  After the long drive home last night, Tim and I rearranged nearly every piece of furniture we have and so far, we are happy with it.  The master bedroom was in the loft, the spare bedroom in Baby GB’s room, the living room in the front room full of windows.  Here’s what we have now:  master bedroom in the room full of windows, office and spare bedroom in the loft, living room in the main living space. 

The compromise is our lack of a huge dining room table, but the up side is waking up with walls full of windows and a much more open living space while we gain a third bedroom.  Plus, when people come to stay they have their own deck, seating area, bathroom, and desk/computer to use.  I will post pictures later on, but for now this place looks like a freshly rearranged train wreck.  Tim’s Mom will be here in a few hours, so I have a lot to do before she gets here so we can jump into nursery business. 



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