our long weekend in photos

Hi everybody!  We had a marvelous weekend.  It started midday on Friday when I met Kait and Oliver for lunch.

After lunch, Oliver came home with me and we played until Timmy got home with the new Subaru!  Living as deep in the woods as we do, we were realizing that winter would not be safe or enjoyable in the Camry given the likelihood of sliding off the driveway and down a very steep ravine.  Perhaps some fencing will be in our future.  Nevertheless, I feel safer now that we both have Suba-dubes, as we call them.   Don’t they look cozy?

After lots of playing with race tracks built from spare trim pieces lying around the house, Tim and Olli decided to do some “garhedening.”  It was darling.  Oliver loves our house in the woods, but he wondered where the other houses were.  We don’t really have any of those…  and we love it.

He also thinks our house is the park.  How awesome is that?

This particular bed probably won’t need water for quite some time given the enthusiastic watering Oliver gave it.  Three times.  Bath time and an adventure in co-sleeping were soon to follow.   Oliver’s sleeping habits tend to be geographically far-reaching.  As in I almost didn’t fit with him and Tim in our king sized bed once he finally settled in to sleep.  Hilarious.

Kait came down after work and we had a great visit until about midnight after she made it through “the scariest three miles of [her] life” right before she arrived at our house.  She had not been here before, and the switchback turns, deep woods, and windy long driveway may have been a little more treacherous in the dark.  Sorry, Kait!  We were up early to head to the Farmers’ Market.  It’s our favorite Saturday affair around here.  We started the morning with some wicked bagels from Bloomington Bagel.  I had an everygrain with sun-dried tomato schmear and kait had everyseed with artichoke smoked gouda schmear.  They were awesome, as usual.

Oliver really wanted to pick the “fuzz” off the strawberries at the market, but he showed great restraint.  He also had a ball trying a tiny cup of fresh maple syrup in the last photo and they throwing his little cup in the bucket.  “That was GOOD!”  By the time we were done at the market, Oliver was ready to go to the lake with Timmy while I had a visit with Kait.  It was lovely.

Saturday afternoon, Sara and Derek and Dylan came to stay.  We had a relaxing afternoon and an early dinner, and then Tim took them to Lake Monroe where, if wet shoes are any indication, great fun was had by all.  Sunday morning we were up pretty early spending time on the loft deck doing some birdwatching and coffee drinking.  The boys hiked for a few hours, going all the way down the ravine to the big dam and back.  That last leg coming back up the ravine is deadly.  Sara and I were glad we stayed behind and constructively used our time on Pinterest in the air conditioning.

For lunch, we went into town to Nick’s English Hut, which is always good food and a fun time.  No, we didn’t sink a single biz.  Someday we might do that, but not pregnant and not with a ten year old in tow.  I did a terrible job of taking pictures while I was playing hostess, so all you get is a blurry, BlackBerry idea of Nick’s.  Sorry!

Monday is a day for relaxing.  So far we have gone to Menard’s and had breakfast.  The rest of the day will probably include books and a nap, and maybe a little laundry or cooking for the week.  Four days of work and then vacation for me.  Tim’s parents will be here next weekend and we can’t wait to see them!


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