I really AM pregnant

I know, you already knew that.  But there is something about seeing that little thing wiggling on a screen that makes your heart beat faster and your brain nearly combust with the gravity of impending parenthood.  Tim was fully on board, and the gagging should have been a solid indicator, but it didn’t feel “real” to me until I saw it this morning.  I cried a little bit, even.  I used to make fun of people who posted sonogram pictures because, honestly, it looks like a blob to most of the world.  Now I understand why people want to share them so openly.  There is a sense of pride about creating another human, and I am no exception.

I already think our baby is adorable, and arguably she/he is not really adorable yet.  I even remarked “oh my gosh, its little butt is already cute.”  And it is.  I swear.  Wiggling, stretching, snuggling in, moving all over the place.  I loved it.  Tim is sad he wasn’t there (mix up about the appointment…  it was supposed to happen last time but didn’t, and this time he couldn’t get off work) but the next ultrasound will be gender revealing if we decide to find out, so that will be even more fun for Timmy.  We are on the fence about that one still.

As it turns out, I am measuring at about 13 weeks instead of about 14 weeks, moving my due date to December 3rd.  Fine by me!  I will enjoy my Thanksgiving and have that lovely mid-holiday lull to fill with things like childbirth and new motherhood.  I will go ahead and apologize now for not seeing anyone over the Christmas holiday.  We will be at home in our nest.  By all means, you are welcome to come visit instead for a cozy, relaxing holiday in the woods.  I am still resisting the urge to post a sonogram picture.

I kicked off my weekend a day early by having lunch with Kait and Oliver and it was awesome.  Oliver came home with me and is currently taking a nap like a champ, but then he assures me it will be time to play in the “park” which is our yard.  He can’t get over the trees.  He even asked about my neighbors or lack thereof.  I told him we don’t have neighbors, we just have trees.  He said “yep, and bugs.”  We have those, too.  I think he loves it here.


Is he beautiful or what?  Time to clean our house before Olli wakes and company comes.  Hopefully I will be on my camera A game this weekend and have a super weekend post for you on Monday.  Enjoy the long weekend, everybody!


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