our weekend in photos

Hello, all.  We have had a very busy weekend.  Friday night, we had a dinner picnic at Lake Monroe with friends.  It was quite relaxing after the work week.  Saturday morning, Tim had to do a landscaping project that was previously auctioned off at our church, UU Bloomington, for the goods and services fundraiser.  While he was gone, I was a busy bee painting cabinet boxes (at long last) and throwing in an extra paint job for the previously candy apple red back door.  Whatcha think?

Yes, those are magnets!  I finally unpacked a few more kitchen boxes and found fun things like my bundt pan, half gallon ball jars for iced herbal tea, and all of our magnets.  I even found time to give the blog a rename and facelift. We have been thinking on it for a while and wanted something that was both a name and a goal for our life, so this is what we chose.  I know I shouldn’t be congratulated for doing laundry, but I also did a ton of it while Tim was gone.  Poor Tim.  One of these days I am going to have all of my ducks in a row again.

We spent the evening carrying various bulky furniture items to the carport so we can have a “free” rummage next weekend to get rid of some things and hopefully help some other people as we do it.  People often give us wonderful things they don’t need anymore, so we try to perpetuate that cycle. Tim also propped up all of our baseboard, but the nails didn’t fit in the nail gun, so propped is all they will be for the time being.  It already looks better!  Now, just squint and imagine window frames and white woodwork and finished A-frame seams…  Sigh.  Someday.  Sorry about the dark photo.

Sunday morning brought us the long-awaited feeling of having nothing pressing to do.  The day is ours!  So far we have shared coffee and a bagel at Bloomington Bagel Company, gone to UU service, cleaned up the kitchen, and done some yard work.  We attempted to plant some shade-friendly blooming impatients, but the ground was rock hard and it seemed like a ton of work, so we opted for doing some more pots for sporadic color.  Last weekend we did a few coleus/begonia pots.

I don’t know how these few projects took the whole weekend, but we feel pretty well rested and ready for the week, so we are happy to have finished these amid the recuperation.


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