Mothers’ Week

Forget about Mothers’ Day, we are celebrating Mothers’ week over here.  We need it to cheer us up from last week’s events.  Tim got us a new king sized mattress for the loft for Mothers’ Day since ours has what we like to call the “black hole” in the middle where we both end up in the middle of the night.  I usually wake up at least once, snarling and lovely, muttering about Tim’s side of the bed.  He usually instinctively understands without opening his eyes and we try to climb out of the hole, but it’s no small task.  I am so glad we are getting the mattress now before I am huge and pregnant.  I am going to have a well rested second trimester and it is going to rock.

We had a wonderful weekend.  We spent the weekend at the Garner family’s house working in the yard as Mom’s Mothers’ Day present.  By the end of the day, the previously jungle looking thing looked like this:

Last week was ok.  Tim and I both worked really long days and were extra tired/not up for home improvement.  Tuesday was great because my Mom came to spend the day with me and we laid the flooring in the entry way to surprise Tim.  It was simple!  I totally recommend attacking a project like that one if you are considering it.  We were shocked at how easy it was, and Tim was wickedly impressed.

Tuesday evening I drove to Remington, Indiana (halfway to Great Lakes, IL) to meet my darling Angela Kelly one last time before she moves to Italy for two years.  I also picked up our sweet, sweet tortoise kitty.  The week seemed to be moving along swimmingly.  Let’s fast forward to Friday when we had not only a terribly flooded basement, but also a dying kitty.  Yes, our cat died.  Imagine Tim trying to bury a really cute cat while Meg wails on the porch about being a bad mother and what kind of parents are we going to be and so forth.  We didn’t know she had swallowed string and stopped eating before we ever got her, so we didn’t know we should have taken her to the vet.  We didn’t find this out until the day after she died, so that first night when I thought it was all my fault was a little rough.  Poor, poor kitty.  She seemed so happy and purry and normal and we loved her. We hope her spirit is prancing around our woods and scaring the mice away.

Let’s rewind a little to the flooded basement part of the story.  There are a few phrases that echo in our heads from our closing appointment with the previous owners.  They are things like “oh we NEVER had termites in here” as Tim shows her all the termite damage (and she continued to say “I don’t think that’s termite damage…”)  Other things now came into our minds like “oh we NEVER had water in that basement…”  Well guess what.  We haven’t been here three months yet and we had about two inches of it.  Granted it was a torrential downpour like we have never seen, and the neighbors swear they’ve never seen anything like it either.  Here’s investing hesitantly in the goodness of humankind and giving ol’ Davey the benefit of the doubt.  Or at least trying to.  As the neighbors said, “he doesn’t lie, but he probably wishes there was never water in the basement and that’s all he remembers.”  Sigh.

There are several bits of good news wrapped up in this sucky event:  The previously VERY adhered carpet on the concrete floor came out with shocking ease after it had soaked for three days.  The entire basement level (800 square feet?) took about two hours with Timmy working alone.  The other good bit of news is that we noticed right away when water started to come in, so even though everything we own was down there, not a single thing was ruined in the disaster.   The only real sacrifice was that mauve carpet and charcoal astroturf.  Bonus:  We have beautiful wooden stairs that were hiding under the astroturf!  I am already envisioning them painted white.  I also finally got on the unpacking train and finished unpacking most of the kitchen.  Still no measuring cups.  What the heck?

This week, Tim is impressively productive with the painting of baseboards and doing other odd jobs around the house, like pulling all the soggy carpet from our basement and loading the dishwasher repeatedly as I randomly decide to cook three things at a time. We are going to try to finish caulking/painting the cabinets this week and get them reassembled.  That will make a huge difference.  We will be home the next three weekends (!) and are so looking forward to having time to work on the house.  When we work long days and travel on the weekends, it is so hard to get things done.  It is very different from the picture in my head when we moved in that looked like nightly projects after work and a crazy succession of nearly impossible projects on the weekends just to prove to ourselves we could do it.  Then I got pregnant and Tim worked his butt off, and here we are.  T-i-r-e-d.  Alas, it will all be done someday.  We are so over hurrying and I have to say, it’s wonderful.

   This weekend we are aiming for a productive Saturday and a lakeside day on Sunday.  I need some sunshine on this little bump.  Speaking of bump, the first doctor’s appointment is in two days so I will update you all then.  Today I got the email that said “Welcome to your second trimester!”   If my second trimester was tangible, I would have hugged it.  I felt a tiny sense of accomplishment even though I didn’t actively do anything.  I am so happy to be feeling gagless (although still not hungry) and energetic enough to help Tim around the house.  Welcome, second trimester!


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