I have been getting lots of questions about the nursery, what kind of toys we like, what kind of baby gear we need, what we are reading, whether I will stay home…  Here are some baby details.

I have raised several babies in a row now from zero to two, so I am really way more excited/prepared for what to expect once I hit about three months.  That newbie to three months thing, not so much, but I am not (that) nervous.

We are getting really excited now that we are ending the first trimester.  I can’t believe we’re this far in already.  I go to the doctor next week.  He is a traditional OB/GYN but he backs up homebirths and was educated in Europe, so I like him already.   I am a natural childbirth person (shocker.)  I am trying to find a book on the true Lamaze program, not the one that is taught in a few classes in the US, but the in depth Lamaze book.  Anyone have any tips there?

As far as other books go, I thrifted ten or so that I either liked or hated and dispersed of accordingly, however we are only reading one book and it was really the only one I needed.  We fell in love with Our Bodies, Ourselves: Pregnancy and Birth.  It is super informative without being overly cryptic and medical, it is pretty holistic and based on the idea that our bodies were meant to birth children, and it didn’t scare the crap out of me with potential medical complications like Your Pregnancy Week-by-Week did.  I was panicking with that book and I wasn’t even pregnant yet, but that’s just who I am.

We also really like Baby Wise.  I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  Believe me, helping people raise their children has revealed the very wide range of parenting tactics out there.  Let’s just go ahead and quote my great grandpa, Pop, and say it:  “If everyone liked Fords, they wouldn’t make Chevys.”  The one common thread in parenting from left to right is that we all want the best for our children, and most of the time, that’s enough. Love wins.  Isn’t that nice?


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The nursery plan is coming along nicely.  I feel like I had the creative breakthrough I have been waiting for, so that’s exciting.  I didn’t do a themed nursery with matching anything because I have been given a ton of stuff that I love and want to use.  I am creating my own theme and I am going to love it when it’s done.  I hope.  Here are a few snippets of things on the mood board:

(Red crib!  Maybe.  Pinterest…)

(Cloth diaper wet bag,

That’s all for now in case I completely change my plan.  The nursery is full of spare bedroom furniture and toys and totes and things right now, so needless to say it will be a long while before we even have a nursery, but we’re fine with that.  We have literally everything we truly need, but there are things on our very short wish list that are “wants” that would be great to have.  We also have next to no books, which is shocking for an English teacher, I know.  We try to maintain a pretty minimalist lifestyle, but we need some books!  Aside from books, we love anything retro, naturalist, or educational.  Ours will be teeny tiny transcendentalist babies.  They are going to be adorable.

We are planning to travel and road trip most of the continental United States with our kids.  Tim and I have both traveled outside the US extensively, so we are content to spend our kids’ pre-university years seeing our own country and national parks.  We will probably be more excited than our kids are for half the places.  Isn’t that fun? We also live in the woods and Tim assures me that I will have to get over my fears of our kids tumbling down the ravine so they can explore.  I’d rather keep them tucked in our not so big, not fully fenced in yard for safe keeping, but I know he is right.  I see ticks and chiggers and ripped clothing in my future.  And lots of bonding time with their cute Dad, so it all works out.  We are planning two kids, two years apart, but you know how our plans usually go, so take that for what it’s worth.

Knowing we are super minimalist with baby gear and toys, anybody have a recommend for a product?  I loved California Baby Calendula Cream for a cloth-diaper-friendly rash cream and eczema cream, among so many other things, but not now that it has been reformulated.  Anybody have an all purpose cream like that one they would recommend?  How about winter coats for infants?  I am not up for lugging an extra 20 pounds in a car seat around with my handy, under ten pound (hopefully) sized baby, so I will need a winter sack or something for that little bean.  Is that old fashioned?  Probably.  I mean I like to wear aprons when I cook, and I was a women’s studies minor.  I just like it.  I am a feminist and I also like aprons.

Speaking of feminism, I would love to be a stay at home mom.  I have been scoffed at for this in a few corners, but I maintain that having the choice to stay home is still a feminist choice.  No one is asking me to give up my teaching career or making me feel like I should raise our kids instead of work.  I genuinely want to stay home.  Alas, this isn’t really going to be the case.  My nanny mom will be quitting her job when I have Baby GB this Fall and taking a part time position instead.  This means I will get to stay at home a lot of the time, maintain a part time relationship with my nanny toddler, Francesca, and she will get to spend a lot more time with her mommy while I work significantly fewer hours than I do now.  It’s a win-win-win!  I love those.

Dish out the advice, baby gear recommends, natural baby products, what-have-you.  I’m ready!


7 thoughts on “Parenthood

  1. You definitely don’t need to feel that it’s not feminist to stay home. How are you going to create feminist babies if you’re not there to teach them? It’s hard work, it’s honest work, IMPORTANT work. The fact that it’s not paid work is our society’s problem, not one that anyone should feel personally guilty about!
    Anyway, this may gross some people out, but breastmilk is actually a great diaper cream, believe it or not! And powder is cloth friendly, diaper creams are not. Winter coats aren’t so important–when you’re walking with the sling, tucking babe inside your coat is the warmest option, and if you’re driving, you can put the babe in the carseat inside the house, cover it in a blanket and rush right to the car, then pop it into the sling when you get where you’re going.
    Bookwise, Dr. Sears’s Baby Book was the most important book for 2am freakouts, (baby’s and ours,) and Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth is a great source for birth, as well as Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way. Bradley is another Lamaze-type method you may want to look into. I’d HIGHLY recommend a doula–in my emergency c-section and subsequent unmedicated natural birth, I’m confident the doula was the difference. Check to find some folks in your area to interview. Also find a LLL group ahead of time to meet the leaders and some moms for good local resources.
    Phew! I guess every month or so I’ll have a rant to share;) I preach because I love! So excited for you guys!

    • YEAH!! Good idea for the no winter coat, stick ’em in the wrap thing. I can do that. I also love Dr. Sears books, I have the birth and breastfeeding books so far. I also have Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, and my Mom is a doula. I am so all over it 🙂 We have a LLL that meets at our local BABS (Birth Services Center) and they are a super post baby support in general, so that will be great. We are excited! We are gearing up for birthing classes at BABS and that will be fun. They are granola birthing classes. I wish our insurance covered a midwife 😦

    • The new one doesn’t bother her? I am still on the hunt to find someone who didn’t sell all of their old formula… like Anderson’s Target 🙂 Do you use pail liners vs wet bags in her bedroom? Does it smell nappyish? What’s your system?

      • Ha, Doesn’t surprise me about Anderson’s Target. We haven’t noticed any difference between the old and the new. We don’t use it every diaper change, just when she’s a little irritated. We have a pail liner in a regular (new) trash can with a lid and keep it in our bathroom where we have the diaper sprayer. It’s very close to the nursery. We use wet bags when we’re out and about and send one to school every day with her and they send it home at night with the dirties! Basically, change diaper, spray off if needed, toss into the pail. We wash every other day and I LOVE to let them dry in the sun whenever possible, it gets out every little stain or yellowish tinge.

  2. First of all that red crib is AWESOME!!… You really should really start garage saling because that is, I think the best way to get babies, well anything! They grow so fast why spend that money on expensive cribs and baby coats when you can spend it on great family memories like vacations and day trips! 🙂 …I agree with the whole no coat thing, but what came to my mind is u may want to have one handy (or extra blankets) in the car because what if (and this is just me being the worry wort I am) the car breaks down in the middle of winter we need baby Ballard to stay warm…Side note: If u have a boy u are more than welcome to come look through my 10 large storage bins of boys clothes and take whatever you want 🙂 I love your blogs now I kind of want to start one!

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