Our Weekend in Photos

Hello, all.  Here are a few peeks at our very fun, very productive weekend.

First, we went to spend time with friends we don’t see often in Brown County.  Tim attempted to camp with the boys, but it turned out that the “torrential downpours” in the forecast weren’t a joke.  They came traipsing in at about midnight with wet clothes and the faint smell of an unsuccessful campfire.  It burned just long enough for them to cook some dinner, luckily.  I forgot to take a photo of this part of the weekend.  Sorry!

Saturday, we went to the farmers’ market (again–forgot a photo) and we painted beams…finally.  We also realized there is one beam straight out from the skylight window that really should have been painted with the scaffolding for backup.  I leaned back into the loft rails with absolutely no success trying to reach that thing.  Timmy will have to trouble shoot that later.

Tim and I spent Sunday afternoon hanging wainscotting in the entry way after hours of agony peeling wallpaper on Mary Kay Ballard’s behalf, only to reveal crumbling drywall.  The options were to gut it or hang wainscotting over it.  I think we have had enough drywalling for one year with the thousand square feet already under our belts.

Our irises bloomed.  I am not really an iris fan, but it’s nice to see color when you live among the trees in absolute shade most of the time.  Not too many flowering beauties hang out in the shade.  We also have a few promising peonies, but we’ll see about those.

We got another coat on the cabinet doors.  One more coat on each side to go, and we haven’t started painting the boxes yet, so it will be next week before we have pretty, white cabinetry.    I spent a few hours caulking the cabinet bases on our very bowed walls, which led to a lot of sighing and groaning and streaks of caulk in my hair.  It was marginally better than when I started, but I fear I may be back in there today finishing up so we can finally prime those puppies.

Tim finished mulching the quasai flower beds in the yard.  We don’t have much grass, we don’t have many flowers.  We have GREEN everywhere.  No, that’s not code.  Just a lot of foliage.   The shot below is what I fondly refer to as the jungle.  We thinned that thing out two weeks ago and it already looks like some wild animal might thrive there.

Finally, Sunday afternoon when Tim couldn’t take any more home improvement (I was dying to lay the flooring in the entryway, but alas, I lost that one,) we decided to go sit at Lake Monroe for a few hours.  It is a four minute drive down our road and at 5pm on a Sunday, the crazies have departed to leave a quiet, peaceful place to sit and think.  It was a lovely respite after working like banshees all weekend.

How was your weekend?

This week, I am working late Monday but I am off on Tuesday and my Mom is coming to spend the day with me.  When she leaves, I will leave for Lafayette to pick up our mouse-chaser from my darling Angela Kelly.  The rest of the week will fly by and we will be in Alexandria this weekend for Mothers’ Day.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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