Making Way for Baby G.B.

I am going to go ahead and harken back to my days in Rome with Sarah Wieber and say “OMG!”  I’m going to be a mommy.  We are ten weeks in and getting excited.  I will admit that I was very excited at first and then took a trip to an overwhelmed, gaggy, pants-don’t-fit-right world that really wasn’t very fun.  This week I feel good.  I am getting used to feeling tired and nauseated so it isn’t phasing me much, and my pants fit again (weird) so all in all, I am a happy lady.

People have been asking if I think Baby GB will be a boy or a girl.  The external consensus/projection to this point (moms, Kait, Timmy, several others) is girl.  I don’t know if they have convinced me of that yet.  In my head, I want it to be a boy so we can use all of Oliver’s adorable boy clothes.  We don’t have nearly as many girl clothes on hand.  Tim wants a girl first, hands down.  That said, we really don’t care what Baby GB is.  We are just excited.  Tim woke me up this morning telling me he dreamed we had a boy, that he was “huge,” and that Tim was trying to give him a bath in the sink but he didn’t really fit.  I was cracking up.  Can you just see Tim trying to bathe a newborn in the sink?  It’s going to be adorable.

Thanks to Misha Lower for helping me with some nursery ideas!  Sadly, we are not actively working it just now.  I have a week off in June for doing a few of those things.  Don’t be fooled by functioning lights, consistent flooring, and acceptable seating space.  Right now the guest-room-to-be-nursery looks a little something like this from the doorway:

Gorgeous, no?  If your idea was to wade through some things, read a few board books, wear a Masters bib and Cubs slippers, prance around in a Maya wrap, peruse some Ball jars and then roll out the rug for a short rest, this is the room for you.  Get a load of that darling Skip Hop Duo Deluxe diaper bag I scored at a thrift store with the tags on it.  I have superb thrift store karma.

If you want to play the I Spy game, you will find family heirloom quilts, our changing table which will finally be put to good use, the to-be-painted crib and baggie of crib hardware, my favorite bee plaque, and a duffle bag of my favorite cookbooks.  No apologies here, we just moved.  I’m lucky I even know where that bag of crib hex screws happens to be.

Today is the start of keeping my sweet nanny toddler at my house on Wednesdays, so I am hoping to get a lot done during that beautiful three hour nap time I have cultivated so meticulously.  We shall see! We could be just three Wednesdays away from a clean, organized nursery.  Or not.  Seven months is a long time.


9 thoughts on “Making Way for Baby G.B.

  1. All in the name of progress! You two are doing a great job in that Aframe in the woods. Can’t wait to get back down and help tackle the nursery.

  2. Yay! I appreciate the shout out and am so excited to be helping with the nursery. I feel like I dropped the ball a bit recently and I apologize, I guess that is what moving does… Please let me know what and when you want me to do anything other than scour pinterest and pin lots if ideas for you!

  3. (i tried to post this before, but it was from my phone and i don’t think it uploaded, grr.) thanks for the shout out and i am so excited for this nursery to come together (and also to see belly pics, hint hint!). i apologize for dropping the ball a bit this week, i promise that i am still thinking about your nursery, but moving has taken priority in my life. boo. we will be back to “normal” next week (i hope!). let me know what you need from me!

  4. I’m slow on this but FINALLY have you bookmarked! I lost track several weeks ago, but I’M BACK! Love you guys, it’s great to get such well-written updates on your lives!! 😉

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