“An early-morning walk [on new flooring] is a blessing for the whole day.” Henry David Thoreau [and Meg]

That’s right, we have floors.  By floors, I mean we have one type of floor on the whole main level of the house as opposed to the three that were here when we began our endeavors in this house. Our floors when we moved in looked a little something like this:

…except imagine about ten feet behind you it switched to a laminate plank wood style floor.  You can’t really tell, but the two floors in the above picture are totally not the same color and they are real wood (not veneer) so technically they would have been refinishable.  We grappled with that idea for a while, knowing we would have to lay another type of flooring in the kitchen (which is really the same room since we opened it all up) and Tim could tell I was feeling hinky about that while trying to convince myself that it was worth saving money.  Later, our little house guests who had snacked on the beams under our floor helped me rationalize wanting floors that were all the same for the main level of our house since we had to tear out a huge part of the parquet flooring.  We would have loved to have gotten a real wood floor, but alas we were minding our budget and decided on a laminate flooring in the color we would eventually like in wood.

It’s a good thing we did since mere weeks after its delivery we got that baby news that REALLY has us watching our budget.  Despite the huge amount of baby things that have been given to us from clothes to toys to crib and bedding to bottles AND a complete cloth diapering system that rocks, those little beans are expensive!  Lucky for us we had the foresight to move to a town in which we approve of the public school system, complete with an art curriculum component, global responsibility, and super community involvement.  Sorry, back to the floors.

Timmy and I went out to breakfast Saturday morning with friends we haven’t seen in a long time, Matt and Alyssa Stanley, and it was awesome.  We heard much needed stories about pregnancy and excitement or lackthereof (it’s hard to be as excited as your totally stoked hubby when you feel like you’re going to gag all day and when you fall asleep in the chair after inviting people over for dinner.  Seriously, I did this.  It was mortifying.)  After breakfast out, we got to work at about noon.  I measured and installed the flooring while I randomly shouted numbers like “40 and three eighths.  WAIT!  40 and a half.”  He did all the cutting on a wicked table saw that freaked me out, but he loved it.  Men and tools… what can we say, eh?   We worked for almost eight hours and had the hallway and kitchen done, stove moved back into place, fridge moved back into place, and absolutely no energy to continue.  Chinese food for dinner (have we mentioned I gave up cooking when morning sickness hit?) and early to bed.  Up and at it at 7am Sunday morning!  I was proud, because Timmy really deserves to sleep on the weekends for the way he works all week.  I deserve to sleep because I’m growing a human, but I don’t do what Tim does and the poor man needs some rest.  And food.  Soon.

Anyway, we worked for 14 hours Sunday and got the last pieces of flooring in at just before 9pm, at which point I was lying on the floor in a worthless heap while Tim took out his tiredness on making the last salvageable scraps of flooring work to our advantage.  You know how when you order flooring, they say to add 8% for error?  We did that, and may I say I am a measuring rockstar with one badly cut piece the whole three rooms.  Someone tell me, then, how it is that we used every single last piece of flooring and had to revert to the damaged pieces for the edging.  We were so confused/tired/grateful that it all worked out.  We really did have exactly the right amount of pieces but let me just say when we were three rows from finished, it looked like a little stack of flooring and a big patch of old ugly floor.  We both about lost it until I did some math and realized we were going to be right on the money.  That’s what happens when your flooring is backordered for a month and you suddenly realize you might have shorted yourself one measly box.  Never to fear, it was perfect.  This is what we had left:  (forgive the awful picture, it was dark and I was using my BlackBerry)

For more than 700 square feet of flooring installed, you’d expect a slightly larger margin for error but who needs it?  We are practically professional amateurs.  At the end of the night, we couldn’t even move furniture except the couch, so I waited until today to snap a few pictures of what is under my feet, which are bare for the first time since we moved in!

It isn’t as red as it looks in this photo, but you get the idea.

This is accurate for color, and sadly it is also accurate for what our dining room table currently looks like.

You see the glorious light from that ceiling fan??  Oh we love it.  I feel like I just discovered the allegory of the cave all over again.  Don’t know what that is?  Google it, you should know.  It’s how I won Tim’s heart in a McDonald’s parking lot.  I drew a picture of a cave with a fire in it and some shadows on the cave wall, and then I drew sunshine and flowers outside the cave.  All this on a crunched McDonald’s coffee cup that he still has to this day.

  So, whatcha think?  I know these floors won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s totally ok with us.  If you ever need help laying it, we will be happy to help.  If it could wait until after pregnancy, that would be super, but I have done crazier things in my day.

  Timmy is home!  Time to go.  Next post might be baby business.  We’ll see!


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