The universe has a sense of humor. We know this.

Heeeey, it’s us.  Timmy and I have been quite busy, but it is sort of hard to tell just by looking at our abode.  Sigh.  Let’s be honest, we have been watching a lot of Lie to Me season one in the evenings instead of working on the house.  We did get an electrician in here, though, and we officially have functioning breakers, an over the sink kitchen light, AND a ceiling fan!!  Who knew standard lighting could evoke such thrills?  We sure didn’t. Of course that wonderful sight was quickly followed by “OH, and you need an entire new electrical panel…About a thousand bucks.”  Thanks a lot, T&H Electrical. (They were wonderful, by the way, just in case you need a Bloomington electrician.  Can’t say enough great things about those folks.)

We still haven’t really unpacked the kitchen and I’m not sure why.  Last night I wanted popcorn for dinner but I didn’t have any lids, so I ended up using a 14 inch skillet lid on an 8 inch sauce pan.  Did it work?  Absolutely.  Are we ever going to unpack?  Not really sure.  I mean I like camping, but not that much.  This weekend we are going to try to gear ourselves up to paint the rest of the woodwork in the loft and stairway AND start laying our pretty, pretty flooring.  We might even get a wild hair and prime our kitchen cabinets.

Sadly, I doubt it because it turns out there is a really good reason I have been so lethargic.

That’s right,  Timmy is going to be the cutest daddy on the planet come late November.  YIKES.  Of course there’s a great story to go along with that massive, crazy, life-altering statement.  The short version goes something like this:  move to a new city, quit two jobs, find two new jobs, try to get pregnant for nine months, buy a project house in the woods that needs more work than we can give, and BAM now would be the perfect time to finally get pregnant.   We had decided (a bit too late, as it happens) to wait a year to try to get pregnant but there is no timing like divine timing, eh?  As a sidebar, if you are thinking about coming to visit, you might want to do that before mid-June, at which point I will have time to convert the guest room to a nursery.  Then at least you will have cute vintage bed instead of an air mattress plunked on the floor. <<Thanks to Aunt Meg and Uncle Steve for that rockin’ bed!

All in all, we are stoked about becoming parents.  I am a little terrified of the whole process that I always thought would feel normal and natural.  Instead I gag walking from my car to the library when I smell the perhaps slightly too liberally applied perfume of a passerby.  Lovely.  Timmy couldn’t be more excited–seriously.  He is driving the speed limit and bringing me whatever sounds good and being generally darling, despite the fact that I have completely stopped cooking and he is starving for real food.  Don’t worry, I am baking chicken, making potato leek soup, and making peanut butter cookies as I type this.  Let’s see how many of the three I can burn beyond salvation.  My brain feels like it isn’t functioning at full capacity, which is weird given my love for lists, multitasking, and fixing things that bug me at superhuman speed.  None of that here, bub.  Hence the lack of progress on our house that I just can’t muster much energy to worry about.  It will get done by November, Tim assures me.  But you know what?  I really don’t even care when it gets done.  Shocking, I know.


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