Befores and Progressions

Hi, darlings.  Timmy and I have really sloooowed down these last few weeks in our home repairs.  In fact, when I just snapped some “progress” photos, they looked worse than the last batch I took which I am certain is just a nasty trick.  Anyhow, as promised, here are some B’s and P’s for you to gaze at lovingly and with potential-laden awe…

Kitchen Before

Kitchen Progress

A-frame Before

A-frame Progress

Loft Before

Loft Progress

Nature Before

Nature Progress

Ok, we don’t take credit for that last one.  I have to admit it is sort of depressing finally sitting down and seeing how much work has gone into the house and then realizing that it doesn’t look like much.  That’s what happens when you take off walls and put some back up.  It seems like it didn’t need to be done (but oh we know it did) and now we are really just starting with a clean canvas.  As you may notice, we keep the front room/office space in decent sitting shape.  Couch, laptop, tv, laundry, random baskets full of crap…   We also have leveled floors and put down underlayment this week, and three cheers to Meg’s parents for coming today while we worked and caulking our stair rails AND finally plumbing in our sink!!!!  Yes, that’s right.  I can turn the water on in our kitchen without putting a bucket under it.  I am STOKED!  Here is a picture of our living room tonight.  Yes, we actually live like this.

We will probably get around to laying the rest of the underlayment and finishing some beam-painting this weekend after the family shin dig in Illinois.  The flooring will go in someday, maybe after work next week in the evenings?  Who are we kidding.  We are two tired folks.  If you have trouble sleeping, just buy a fixer upper in the woods when you know nothing about DIY home repair.  That’ll do the trick.  Next post:  Beautiful floors!  White beams!  Maybe some trim put back up!  We have high hopes over here.


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