Hi, all.  We have our flooring on the back porch, we have a functional dining room table, we have a kitchen and working dishwasher (never mind the near electrical fire from the dishwasher and fridge working simultaneously…crisis averted.)  What we don’t have is lighting except the kitchen and loft, level flooring surfaces, a ceiling fan, a functioning kitchen sink, or the gusto to do pretty much anything this weekend.  Tim and I are going to take a drive, drink some smoothies, level and lay underlayment on the floors, and maybe figure out how to finish plumbing our kitchen sink.  Next weekend will be an Onarga weekend, the following our friend Angela Kelly is coming and bringing us a feline companion who reportedly likes to catch spiders (we’re hoping she will graduate to mice) and the last weekend of the month we will be supporting the March of Dimes in Lafayette.  This is a busy month!  Weekday goals have been largely usurped by Lie to Me episodes, but we are really going to try to hammer out this flooring in the next few weeks.  It will make a huge difference and I can’t wait to share pictures.  Until then, I will whip up a before/progress (notice I didn’t say “after”) blog entry with pictures of the spaces as they are right now. 


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