Welcome home to us!

Heeeey!  It’s us.  We are in such great spirits on this Monday because our house is actually beginning to feel like a little, tiny, partial bit of a home.  This weekend, we made great strides in amateur home repair and boy are we happy about it.  Let me give you some deets:

First off, let me congratulate Timmy publicly for estimating the number of drywall sheets that would need to be hung in the entire main level of our house totally accurately with one whole sheet to spare (just in case, you know.)  This means he not only removed 1000 square feet of paneling and drywall with 70 nails per sheet, but he also cut, hung and rigged 30 new pieces of drywall on crappy, crooked, bowed beams.  At almost exactly three weeks in, we had fresh, new, professionally finished drywall which got painted this weekend.  I know this seems naive, but it’s weird to me that drywall is such a messy project with the mudding and sanding and sinking your screws in just right and then BAM you can paint it and it looks so wonderfully clean and new.  I will never look at other peoples’ walls the same way again.  Seriously!  Is that creepy?  Are you still going to invite me over for family functions?  I hope so.

Anyway, aside from the drywall painting process (thanks, Teri/Mom) and tidying of other generally chaotic surfaces in the last week, we have some exciting developments.  Of course to temper that, we also have some not so exciting happenings but we are really trying to channel our inner Buddhas and accept things as they are so we can move forward, even if it isn’t what we planned.  Like when you order 963 square feet of flooring for your entire ground level and it doesn’t come in, then it is supposed to come a week late and STILL doesn’t come in, and then when they finally admit that they have no idea when it will get here but they promise to deliver it free of charge when it does.  The funny part is that they have no idea we live in the boonies about thirty minutes away from the store.  I can’t wait to see a Lowe’s truck backing down our squiggly lane.  Karma, wench!

I digress.  Again.  The best progress we have made so far aside from painting the downstairs and the loft lies in…CABINETRY.  That’s right, ladies and gents, we have cabinets and they went in with only one tiny little Meg-induced snafu.  Tim and Dad/Jamie put down the subfloor in the kitchen and hallway Saturday morning with impressive ease and then they started setting base cabinets.  Ol’ Davey, the man who built our house, had a hard time with straight lines, so the boys ran into a bit of frustration trying to affix those puppies to the wall, but 2 trips to the hardware store later, they were IN!  Let’s rewind a little, because that description makes it seem a little easier than it actually was.

Mom and I painted the loft/master olive green while the fellas put the cabinets in place.  It wasn’t long before I heard “Meg?”  Because of the dishwasher hoses, Tim wanted to know if we could rearrange some of the cabinets to put the dishwasher next to the oven to avoid extension hoses (which we didn’t have on hand) and make life easier.  I said no, largely because (completely aside from my disdain for adjacent appliances) the cabinets wouldn’t fit correctly.  I ordered the cabinets, so I take responsibility for their lack of interchangeability, but let’s talk about the cabinet buying process.  We knew we wanted unfinished so we could make them whatever color we wanted, and we knew we wanted them from Menards because Lowe’s is a WalMart company and a little too corporate/monopolistic for our liking.  Tim and Roger/Dad went to Menards the second day we were in our house.  It was about three in the afternoon and Tim calls to say “I think we should buy cabinets today!  There is an 11% rebate that ends today!”  Putting aside the lack of a cohesive floor plan for the kitchen at that point, Mary Kay/Mom and I went to Menards, found a nice lady, and she helped us design the entire kitchen and order what we needed right there on the spot in about an hour’s time.  It was very last minute and we didn’t have any measurements with us and when I called Tim at home to measure for us, we were battling poor tin roof reception on his end with Menards tin roof reception on my end.  Let’s just say we’re lucky the cabinets and countertop matched up at all.  When the boys were installing the cabinets, the studs were anything but predictable, but the cabinets went in with relative ease thanks to a few shims for the bowed walls (thanks, Dave.)   There were supposed to be two filler pieces on either side of the sink, but the countertop was 3 inches short, so we took one of those out and it solved the problem.  We love the countertop, so that’s great!  We hadn’t really picked one out, so I was kind of flying by the seat of my pants with that custom, expensive order.  Base cabinets in, upper cabinet line drawn, Mom and I go to town (10 miles each way) and come home to the wall cabinets hung.  Go, boys, go!  Except because of the countertop length snafu, the upper cabinet next to the stove is too wide, making the distance from window to cabinet 2 inches deeper on the left than the right.  You’d think at almost 30 years of age I would have picked up some ability to calm down and steer away from symmetry and OCD linear preferences.  Alas, it’s simply not true.  We took down those two, rehung the oven one, exchanged the bigger one for a smaller one last night and hung it at 7pm to finish out the kitchen.  Huzzah!  It looks great and it’s going to look even better after we decide what we are doing with the unfinished wood.  We exposed some ceiling beams (not the ones you see in the pictures, but up between those in the actual ceiling) and we like that rustic feel.  The visible beams are going to be painted white like the ceiling beams.  We are throwing around some ideas for cabinets that involve a melding of white and rustic.  We’ll see…

Here’s a peek at what we see when we get home now.  Get a load of those craigslisted matching chairs!  I have fantastic craigslist mojo.  It’s true.  Also, visualize a curled walnut wood floor throughout the whole level.  Ah, beauty.  Also, we are down to one little mousey who is not long for the Ballard residence despite the fact that he has cleaned three traps now.  That little bugger!



One thought on “Welcome home to us!

  1. What an adventure!! I love A Frames, and I know that yours is going to be just perfect for you. Can hardly wait to see more pictures!!

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