…and the house in the woods goes for the one-two punch

I feel like a convenience food eating, drill wielding, cranky but productive life force has taken over the bodies of Tim and Meg Ballard.  It has been almost three weeks since we moved in, and while waking up to the woods doesn’t get old, the things this house needs are starting to make cohabitation a bit more challenging.  We haven’t put anything away because we really can’t until we lay floors, install cabinets, finish out the closets, and do the hundred other things preventing us from tackling the 80 boxes in our basement.  At one point this week, I took two garbage bags full of Tim’s and my clothes and dumped them on our small loft bedroom floor thinking that might prompt me to either put them away or give them to someone who would appreciate them more than I do.  More on attempting a 50 piece wardrobe later.  Can I just say if you are tempted to chop it down to a 50 piece wardrobe and you are soon moving, CHOP NOW!  Moving then chopping was one of the more stupid procrastinations of late.

Anyway, let’s rewind to our slowly productive week last week in which we were back to work with a shocking lack of energy in the evenings.  We mostly went to bed at about nine and tried to mentally recuperate from moving in ready to swing a paint brush, adjusting to un-paneling the walls, coming to grips with gutting out the drywall, and tackling the various mouse castles and hornet nests that happened to pop up.

Did I also mention we had a tiny bit of termite trailing up two beams on the walls?  It wasn’t a huge deal because it was old and isolated.  Wait, did I say it wasn’t a big deal?  What I meant to say was we HOPED it wasn’t a big deal until today when we found out otherwise.  It is still arguably not a “big” one, but last night I said to Tim in our cluttered-with-tools-and-sawhorses living room “hey, do you think the floor feels….something right here?”  It turns out “something” is the technical term for a squishy spot resulting from–you guessed it–a few more termite friends.  This section runs under a wood parquet floor, so ripping up the tiles, floor board, and subfloor down to the studs is definitely in our immediate future.  Tim swears that it is isolated to a 2×4 feet section but I will report back later when I actually see it.  At times, he tends to be overly optimistic about situations that might cause–ahem–a mental breakdown on my behalf.  It’s sweet, but I like the cold hard truth so I can prepare myself…

In other news, we had some fantastic luck.  Tim finished hanging the drywall (ok, he’s putting in the last piece any second now) and the quandary became finishing the stuff.  I invited Laura Kapoun over to help me tackle/master the art of mudding drywall and we only attempted what would run behind the kitchen cabinets.  Luckily, Teri Garner’s favorite painter, drywaller, and jack of all trades happened to be working for his brother in Spencer, Indiana not too far from here and he happened to agree to come take a look at our drywall.  We are the most fortunate souls on the planet, because handy Ron agreed to working with us a few hours in the evenings this week and in no less than three days, he has finished out 1000 square feet of our drywall.  We will be sanding it tomorrow and Friday and we will have actual, lovely, painted walls this weekend!  Woo hoo!  Thank you, Ron.  We also decided to remove the two hinky light fixtures in the study, forgetting that the ceiling fan fell out of the ceiling which pretty much leaves us in the dark unless you are in the kitchen or bathroom.  Not one of our finer choices, but we are making it just fine.  Thank goodness it is staying light so late since Daylight Savings or we would be in bed with the sunset.

Flooring is in at the end of the week, so we will lay that next weekend. Cabinets are going in this weekend, thanks to my parents who are coming to help.  Tim can’t wait for me to actually cook something.  We might even tile some floors. Then again, we might be on home improvement overload by then and sit miserably in the middle of the floor of a dark room for three days.  That would be totally fine with me at this point.


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