The hills are alive…

This was a doozy of a weekend at the Garner-Ballard abode.  We had high hopes of hanging drywall, renting scaffolding, hanging more drywall at a height of 18 feet, painting A frame ceilings, priming and painting beams, priming a bedroom/loft, and rewiring most of the main level.  Thanks to major help from family and friends, we pretty much did it all.

Let’s rewind to Wednesday at midnight.  Timmy sits straight up in bed and says he’s going to get a decaf coffee at McDonald’s.  In the morning after I had processed a little, I clarified that he left the Hansel and Gretel deep in the woods down a winding lane house for a McDonald’s coffee.  He said “yeah, and I called my dad.  He didn’t mind that I woke him up.  He’s going to come over for a few days to help us figure out the wiring.” It’s a good thing he did, because Roger Ballard single-handedly rewired all of our switches and outlets.  I am pretty sure the soul of our recently acquired house was jubilant because the man who built the house had a totally wonky sense of electrical work and suffice it to say we will sleep better at night.  We will also sleep better at night because Timmy finished taking out the drywall and about 15 feet by 8 feet of insulation that had become a mousey mansion for Lil’ Frankie and Richie the V, as we call them, as well as hundreds of their mousey cousins judging by the presents they left in our walls.  GROSS.  I don’t do mice.  Now, Tim doesn’t do them either.  We are so happy that our mousey walls are gone and replaced with nice clean insulation and drywall.  We are sleeping like babies and we are convinced it isn’t just the manual labor we jam packed into one week of home repair.

Friday afternoon Timmy hung drywall with the help of our friends Nate and Jake and they got a quarter of one wall done.  Not a lot to get jazzed about, you say?  Try looking at exposed, mousey insulation for a week and then try not to rejoice at two pieces of hung drywall.  We were almost clapping.  Saturday morning, we got scaffolding up and Dan Stinson came down to help Timmy hang really high drywall.  Little did he know he would also get roped into priming and painting ceiling beams almost 20 feet in the air and giving an old, frighteningly ornate brass ceiling fan a $12 spray paint and hardware makeover.  Those boys are champions.  By Saturday night, we had white outlets thanks to Rog and a much cuter ceiling fan.  We also had a shocking lack of exposed insulation, which by our nerdy standards was titillating.  On Sunday, our friends Nate and Jess and son Jordan came over to help.  Thank goodness they did, because Nate and Jordan hung drywall while Tim and Dan painted the ceiling, primed and painted beams, and hung the last of the high drywall while Jess and I made paint brush runs to town and primed the loft/master bedroom.  The loft is super because we wake up in the morning looking out patio doors onto a deck where the sun rises right over the tree line.  It really is breathtaking and I took a picture of it the first three mornings we woke up there.  It’s so pretty!  It makes me want to sit up in bed and sing “the hills are aliiiiive with the sound of muuuusiiiiic” but Timmy doesn’t love it when I wake up with song.  Unless it’s a holiday tune. Seriously.  Anyway, we got SO much done yesterday, albeit with a significant amount of swearing, caffeine and messes.  We are pretty darn proud of our first week as home-owners.

The next few weeks will be hectic because we are laying flooring, having the drywall finished, installing cabinets, hanging new light fixtures, stripping wallpaper, priming and painting the rest of the woodwork and walls.  It will be a ton of work, but after that, our house should be tolerably cute for company.  April is wide open, so put dibs on weekends now if you want ’em.  After these things, the focus will switch to the downstairs/future family room which is currently a mauve carpeted, dungeonish, windowless, lattice-laden mess.  Bear with us.  It WILL be cute when I’m done.  Let’s not even talk about the outside of the house.  Geesh.


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